Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kasey Jones - Haze (prod. Matt McGhee)

After taking some time off the air Matt McGhee's SHOW is back from hiatus and to welcome you back is the up-and-coming young star Kasey Jones. Now if you're a fan of the series you'll be sure to know that this isn't Mr. Jones first time on the SHOW, he had a supporting role in the previous episode "Dark". However, this time around for "Haze", star Matt McGhee stays behind the scenes and handles the production/direction of the episode while Kasey showcases his full talents for the episodes duration.

The two young stars make for the most exciting duo since Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio's reign over the industry. As Scorsese said himself "The young people today are the 21st century." and who knows what the future holds for Kasey Jones but you can bet he'll soon have everyone's eye. As for Matt, rumors are buzzing that the next episode is the best one yet...guess we'll just have to stay tuned in and hope we don't have to wait as long for episode five as we did with four but if it truly is the best that won't really matter in the end.

CRASHprez - Leave a Note ft David Lopez


Something that, outside of a few, artists can claim to have. If it is one thing that has become apparent in this fast twitch age of social media is that music comes and goes. The "Hot Nigga" of today can easily become the dropped nigga of tomorrow. One of the reasons why Tupac is discussed in today's music scene is because he made timeless music with real weight to it from songs like "Brenda's Got A Baby" to "Dear Mama" to "Keep Ya Head Up" etc. etc. the list goes on. He often spoke on real issues going on in the African-American communities and in the world period. He didn't need to be motivated by the death of a young black teen to call his rap "friends" together to create a tribute track, he went in the studio and lead the charge himself. I'm not even what you would call a Tupac fan but for these reasons and more I have great respect for the man.

Enter Michael Penn II bka CRASHprez, now before you get ahead of yourself, no I'm not saying he is the Tupac of our generation he is however one of the few artists in this day and age of music that can claim to have the word that began this write up. Similar to Tupac, for the two or three years that I've know him, he is always using his music and talent to express his opinions and feelings on social issues. He doesn't need to see a news story for him to speak on the difficulties of America, he does so out of pure nature that just is who he is as a person.

Over the years CRASHprez has refined and tuned his self described Prote$tWaVe style of music and his latest "Leave a Note" just might be his best effort yet, inspired by all the craziness that has been going on lately with the police and African-Americans. CRASH is one of those rare few who can present these issues to you in a musical realm without coming off as preachy or self-righteous, something that today's "conscious" artists struggle with. I won't go into detail on the song itself I'd rather you listen and take away what you will from it. I just want to say, I'm proud to know CRASHprez and of all the things he has/will accomplished.

"Don't be afraid of the darkness"

CRASH's more perfect is scheduled for release by the end of 2014 via CATCH WRECK. In the meantime do be sure to check out his previous project fear itself. with longtime collaborator *hitmayng.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The ILLFIGHTYOU collective provides you with the motivation to "beat up on a bitch and turn her muthafuckin' crib into a stash spot" among other various things, this is arguably the hardest shit you'll hear this year most definitely coming from the Northwest. UGLYFRANK and GLENN head up this one as Khris P sticks to the background and handles the grimy hard hitting production. Be sure to peep Franklin's latest joint "DARTZ" and his BOBBYHILL EP and if you've for some reason still haven't heard ILLFIGHTYOU's self titled debut check that out.

[Video] SIR E.U - Nike boy

It's hard to believe it has been over a year since the ever enigmatic SIR E.U dropped "Nike boy$$$ilovethisbitch" seems like just yesterday I came across the greatness that it is. If you follow this blog you should know how I feel about this track (if not click the damn link in the title) and if perhaps you don't keep up with Digital Drop (kill yourself) I still won't go into detail on how I feel about the song (go click the link I wasn't joking).

Anyway, about two days ago E.U held a screening for the video and preceded to release it at 10:32 the following day for all us non-DMVers. I can honestly say I never expected this track to get a video nor did I think it would be possible for a video to capture the trippy psychedelic feel of the song but director Unkle Luc does exactly that. The best way to describe it would be the terms Luc used himself "Irrational parts to create a rational whole", glitch effects and other visual editing help to capture the eerie and unsettling feel of the track. Props to Luc for doing the seemingly impossible.

I have to say this is one of the best videos I've seen this year especially indie wise. Immediately after viewing it I thought about emailing it to some "major" blogs, as this could be the thing that could help E.U get over that indie blog hump and sure enough it was. I was pleased to see Pigeons & Planes and various other blogs feature the unique visual.

I hope this is just the beginning for one of, if not the hardest working artist I know. No bullshit E.U is one of the few whose discography could rival Wayne's in terms of consistency and output. It has been a long time coming and hopefully this is just the start of him getting the wide scale recognition he deserves. I hope for and expect him to do great things in this world, so seeing the reception to the video was great not only as a fan but more importantly as a friend.

Plus I ain't forgot about my daughters lol...all jokes aside I'm proud to say the least my good friend.

All hail King Hippo...

M A D A G A S C A R releases 10/32 (November 1st, 2014)

Be sure to check out E.U's interview with the good people over at ThankYouForNotSnitching and if you haven't heard DJ J-$crilla's "Unfamiliar Shirts" ft Ras Nebyu, Uno Hype & Da Hippo do that.

Ciscero - Never Make It ft SIR E.U

Maryland spitters Ciscero and SIR E.U come together to give you some knowledge and if you don't heed their advice it's a chance you'll "Never Make It", the pair drop multiple gems throughout their respective verses and the hook/message of the track is something that I'm positive would make the Based God proud. Cis' latest is reminiscent of his 2013 single "All I Need Is Soul", production wise at least, mainly due in part to producer Subdaio (of "Cocaine Castle" fame) who employs a spaced out druggy feel in his production often. That being said no word on when/if we'll hear Cis' Kids Wear Crowns anytime soon, according to his Twitter and I quote "Ain't no album get out." as long as we keep getting great tracks like these in the meantime I'm cool with however long it takes homie to perfect his album. You can't rush greatness as they say...

No Detox though, okay Cis? Anything but that...maaaybe a NEOGEO? Even then...actually...yeah think more NEOGEO less WolfMell that's a safe bet lol.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cal Rips - Auto Pilot ft MoneyFourDrugs & SIR E.U

Goddamn. So much great music has been coming from the Klan lately and this just might be the best yet. "Auto Pilot" serves as the single for Cal Rips' upcoming project Phor You alongside Ripkens are fellow Klansmen MoneyFourDrugs and SIR E.U. This just might be my favorite Cal single of all time, it is definitely up there. All three emcees lyrically pick up right where they left off at on "The Real Jim Jones" spitting top notch verses over some incredible soulful production from the highly underrated Suede Moccasins. I am incredibly hyped to hear the rest of the project, man...September 24th couldn't come any quicker. 

Also check out MoneyFourDrug's "CONFETTI" low quality sound but high quality raps.

[Video] Lupe Fiasco - Next To It ft Ty Dolla $ign

In preparation for Tetsuo Season Lupe Fiasco links back up with director Alex Nazari for his latest visual work of art and single "Next To It" featuring Ty Dolla $ign who not only provides the catchy hook but co-produced the infectious bouncey production along with Shafiq Husayn. Lupe enthusiast will notice that Alex Nazari also handled the videos for "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" and the incredible "#1234" so you can expect that same cleverness and quality for this video. I know Lupe Fiasco has caught a lot of flack for his past "attempts" at being mainstream but this record feels like a genuine Lupe track, he is good friends with Ty so it isn't so half-ass attempt at grabbing a hot artist etc. blah blah. I really hope this joint finds the radio success it rightfully deserves. Tetsuo & Youth coming soon...

Plus just when I thought I couldn't like this track anymore than I already do, Ty decided to share the story behind how he and Lupe recorded it in the studio with Complex. How awesome is that?

Gold Panda - Clarke's Dream

If you've been following Digital Drop you'll know that from time to time I like to hit you guys with something that isn't Rap/Hip-Hop well today is one of those days. You guys also know how rare it is that I post instrumentals at all, so with all that in mind enter "Clarke's Dream" from UK producer Gold Panda. I won't get into the details of way I like this track, I just do, simple as that. This is just here for your listening pleasure as a suggestion from your favorite anonymous blogger. I do want to link it all back to Hip-Hop though, I only know who GP is thanks to Pitchfork and more importantly Curren$y all because of this legendary piece of footage here

"All I know is..."

[Video] Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Harold's

For his latest visual Freddie Gibbs heads back to Indiana to grab some "Harold's" and as always with Gibbs' videos there is a loose story for you to follow. BTW spotting too! I'm glad to see this track get a video, definitely one of my personal favorites from Piñata which is still Album of the Year in my opinion. Also, if you haven't seen any of the other videos from the project check them out they help expand the album's story and tie together some tracks.

Although his next album Eastside Slim will feature production from other producers Freddie made it clear that Madlib would in his words "touch" the project in some form, I'll keep my fingers crossed for at least one MadGibbs track I can't get enough of these two. Anyway, if you haven't checked out Piñata I highly recommend you do so it is one of 2014's best offerings of all music genres period.

Kasey Jones - WYB ft Al Hostile

Kasey Jones is one of those rare artist in which I know nothing about but still somehow manage to capture my attention and get a post out of me. I first came across Jones on Matt McGhee's "Dark" he handled the hook on the song but I didn't think he was an rapper but just a friend of Matt or Al. Fast forward a few weeks later 3rdiiiUth's Al Hostile got me hip (which he has done a lot of recently, might have to let him be the new Drop God lol) to a collab joint he had with Kasey called "WYB (Where You Been?)".

The duo of Kasey and Al aka HostileTurtle (Kasey being the Turtle Gawd) surprised me with how well the two sounded over some ill Baze Knox production, they definitely have good track chemistry. It however was Kasey who impressed me the most seeing as I didn't even realize he rapped, to finding out he is pretty damn good at it. Al on the other hand continues his streak of excellent guest verses and slowly but surely is becoming one of my favorites from the DMV area. Mayor Whop Mike of Doom and Steezy Uglies Grizzlies make cameo appearances both drawing inspiration from Puff Daddy, with Mike providing ad-libs and Steezy talking that shit on the intro. All in all a great first impression, I'll be keeping my eye on Kasey Jones from now on and hopefully the young rapper can keep up the good work.

Sidenote: I actually just remembered in writing this that I first heard Kasey on "YAMS" from Al Hostile's The Finer Thangz. Forgive me Turtle Gawd, you'll soon realize I ain't shit...

Kool Klux Klan - The Real Jim Jones

I've been busy with other shit lately but it was no way I could let this track go unposted, it's been three weeks since its release but Kool Klux Klan's "The Real Jim Jones" has been in constant rotation. With all the current members at seemingly the same level of skill now their work comes off as more polished and focused. Another thing to note is how much fun it has been to hear these guys back together, we've had scattered tracks from some of the Klan on the group's individual projects but it has been a long since we've heard them put out material under the Kool Klux Klan moniker. If their previous effort "Hitmonlee" was the beginning of a new era for the Klan, their latest is the first example in which they truly as the infamous saying goes "ain't nothin' fuck with"...

One thing that I love about the "new" Klan if you will, is that it no longer is easy to guess who had the best verse on the track. If this was say 2011, I would have definitely expected E.U to have bodied this and everyone else follow suit with decent verses as well but nowhere near Hippo's. However, with three years of hard work and improvement under their belts (and a couple of name changes) that scenario is no longer the case. Every member can hold their own now and that wasn't something that you could say in the past, credit goes out to every single one of them for that. That helps the track's (& the inevitable Klan tape) cohesiveness, every verse flows well from one to another and every artist featured has a unique approach to the Obii Say production along with their own flow. 

Even with all this talk about the "new" Klan some of the old staples of the crew remain or in some instances return. Cal Rips leads off the track with his undeniable energy and punchlines, to Hymn's flawless hook who in turn flips seamlessly into his own verse and spits one of if not the best damn verse I've heard from hymn him filled full of his witty wordplay. MoneyFourDrugs' comes through and makes his presence felt with his brooding voice all while flexing his lyrical skill and wrapping it up is the Hippo Gawd himself who surprisingly comes threw with a almost lackadaisical flow and a verse that ironically is not to be slept on. Harking back to the 1032 days, the track ends with a signature Kool Klux Klan humorous tirade on Chad Hugo and bears interacting with bartenders. 

To wrap this up, I often used to wonder how come the Klan didn't put out a collective tape back in the "golden" days but hearing their last efforts I'm kinda glad they didn't. Of course it is bittersweet because of the unfortunate passing of the homie Avion (who would've spazzed on this) but I say I'm glad due to the facts that I brought up earlier. I think when/if we get a Kool Klux Klan project it'll be exactly that, a cohesive collection of tracks that make up the group's various members identities and at the same time represents them as a whole. I look forward to future tracks/projects and hopefully one day hearing a part two to this here. Pleaaaaase?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Matt McGhee - Dark ft Al Hostile & Kasey Jones

Over brooding and ominous production from JohnnyJon who brilliantly flips Portishead's "Mourning AirMatt McGhee attacks the track right off bat with a verse full of warning shots and bravado, sounding more confident than ever. It seems he is slowly but surely getting to a place where he feels Gram Fam and himself are untouchable and that isn't him being cocky but just the assurance that comes with knowing you put your best effort into your craft. Think 07' Wayne or even Drake right now; example. However, to get back to the track 3rdiiiUth's Al Hostile joins in providing his brash energy, spitting one of if not thee best verse I've heard from him and more then delivers for his moment on "screen". Assisting the two on the hook is Kasey Jones with a little help from Matt himself. 

If we're following the TV show theme then the appropriately titled "Dark" would be the mid-season finale with just two more episodes left. Matt has definitely upped the ante for himself with episode three, although every episode has been unique the drastic change in direction made this one stand out even more. We'll see what else the season holds for us in the coming weeks, I just hope Matt doesn't do like the Soprano's series finale and end the shit mid sce...

Marki$ Apollo - Shawn Kemp ft Poppacap & Yo! X

Marki$ Apollo has been relatively quiet since dropping his excellent project Chapter XX late last year aside from dropping a random freestyle two months after the release. However, that is not to say the young man hasn't been working I know he currently has at least two projects in the works plus other ventures. Realizing it's been some time since he last release Apollo decided to drop "Shawn Kemp" a nice track especially for the Summer. If Apollo is Shawn Kemp then Poppcap and Yo! X are Gary Payton and Sam Perkins assisting and holding it down for him on the track. It is interesting to note that this is the first time I've heard him spit on a track with other emcees something I'd like to see more from him in the future. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

[Mixtape] Nomad - The Royal House of Thebes

Maryland wordsmith Nomad had been crafting The Royal House of Thebes for almost two years, dropping off the radar to begin work on it after releasing his Nocebo project in late 2012. Coming back to the scene this year with his Unsung Collectiv, what once was an idea now fully realized, the crew dropping its first official project Bucket Boys back in May. In the biggest example of irony The Nomadic One finally found a crew of similar minded individuals to run with and he has become all the better for it. The polish of taking his time with TRHoT is very apparent this is the best you'll hear from him lyrics, production, technical-wise as well the mixing/mastering is better then past projects.

No' has found a nice balance in duration TRHoT isn't too short (Think Again) and isn't overwhelmingly long (Nocebo) with 14 tracks and around 45 minutes in length. It seems as if he has tried to appeal to a wider audience with this project and that isn't to say he has "sold out" or changed his style he just has took past critiques from others into consideration and applied changes where they were needed. Even the production is more versatile then his past works, tracks such as "Theban Alphabet" featuring EZ Gustow and the Ciscero assisted "Royal House" (which is produced by Grammy Family's rMell) deviate from his traditional sound but don't come across as attempts to leave what has made him behind.

These small and simple tweaks give the project great replayability something that has been a weak point in the past. Even with the various styles in production that make up the project the cohesiveness is still there and the interludes (a Nomad signature). I could go on and on about how great this project is but I told myself I would no longer do reviews so before this turns into one (too late?) I'll just recommended you listen for yourself as this is definitely the strongest outing from a great and very under appreciated artist. I'd even go as far to say that it is his magnum opus. With that being said welcome to The Royal House of Thebes...


[EP] Louseph Bruise Em' - Summa

Summa is the latest EP from the ever enigmatic Louseph Bruise Em' who has a habit of popping up out of nowhere with entire brand new bodies of work after taking small hiatuses (sounds like a certain blogger I know). As with all of Lou's projects that signature sound is there but the core elements and themes always change. Now with a title like Summa you may be thinking this is some cruise around the city, take a trip to the lake and roast marshmallows type of shit but this is Lou we're talking bout here.

The EP is his interpretation of the season and a self described ode to the 80's which if I had to describe it would be as an combination of insomnia and LSD. Composed of five tracks; three instrumentals, one remix (a very awesome one at that) and a track featuring Jodie Riggs. I really enjoyed the whole project but the last track is definitely my favorite by far mainly because I'm such a fan of how Lou spits I wish he would do it more often. Still GSL.

It seems that Lou isn't finished dropping work just yet as he tweeted this out earlier... 

King Rosé - Lightshow

Switching gears from his last single, "Lightshow" finds King Rosé in the spotlight with a little more attention this time around after his crazy debut single. Although the tempo of his latest work is more slowed down, the intensity and hunger is still there something which is slowly becoming a trademark for Rosé. "I'm aware of how their making them aware of me" is a very telling line I was interested in how he would follow up his first single "SZA" which definitely was a statement track and I think with this track he has done well. He isn't shying away from the attention that he is starting to find and that shows that he is ready for whatever may be next.

Look for his upcoming project Pushing My Luck to release sometime in the near future.

Dark Nimbus - Represent ft Steezy Grizzlies, Mike of Doom & Jack CityZ

It's a 93rdiiiWhop affair as various members from the groups come together to "Represent" on this banger of a track. Starting off the track with his trademark energy is 93' Bandits own Steezy Grizzlies who absolutely kills his verse, followed by 3rdiiiUth's Jack CityZ and Dark Nimbus who both spit dope verses but it's the latter who stole the show for me and has my favorite verse on the track. Only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that Mike of Doom's only contribution was the chorus, this joint sounds right up his lane I can only imagine how much harder this track would've been with a Mayor verse. 

Matt McGhee - Premium ft rMell & Ponch Royyel

"Premium" is the latest "episode" in Matt McGhee's SHOW and for it he tabs rMell and CHESS' Poncho Royyel who in turn do great in their respective "scenes". The episode is split into two incredible halves thanks to Panama Red with the later half featuring an uncredited special surprise guest. Overall I would say this is the best episode of the season so far and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one and the rest of the series.

I have to admit I was initially confused by the whole show/episode theme due to a lack of visuals but with Matt previewing this track with a video it all made more sense. Credit to him and Gram Fam for always coming up with creative roll outs for their songs, videos, projects etc. even going as far as to change or create a website around whatever their promoting, instead of the same ol' "Yo at midnight I'ma spam a link on Twitter" that most of these indie artists do. I'm actually surprised a lot of their peers haven't adopted or at least attempted to try and do something similar. It not only draws up more interest but it also more professional and is less annoying then posting a link but hey I'ma let you silly niggas cook.

Lastly, Matt decided to let the fans choose what the next joint would be and it seems like a track entitled "Dark" won so be on the look out for that and the "La Familia" montage footage soon.

Sidenote: this dude Matt mixed/mastered the shit outta of this track...and the streak is still alive. Props.

Aceology - Assumptions (prod. MadBliss)

Aceology is back and in rare form on "Assumptions" backed by some nice production provided by MadBliss for the first single from his upcoming Karma EP. AceGawd has been on a hiatus for about a year now, just dropping tracks here and there but with this he seems to be finally ready to release a new project. 

On his latest track he addresses his hiatus, those speaking on him and even brings up the critiques of his style. Speaking of his style it is funny how he brought it up seeing as for the last year or so he has had a "trap" influenced sound (see this and this) and many of his fans were asking if he was ever going to return to his more traditional/jazz influenced sound (see this and this) that he had earlier in his career. It is how he says in the track though "gotta switch it up, no problem versatile and focused" he can do both equally well and because of that I don't have a preference but it is nice to hear him on this style mainly because it's been so long. I have to say it seems like the homie always sends me quality music and this is definitely one of the strongest singles he has put out from the lyrics to the mixing of the track everything works. Hopefully his Karma EP will be out sooner rather than later I'm interested in hearing what Ace has cooked up until then I'll have this on repeat.

Plue Starfox - LO•KI (HFIL)

I came across this nice little gem from Plue Starfox earlier today and found myself pleasantly pleased that I did. "LO•KI (HFIL)" finds Plue spitting over his usual choice of hauntingly-dark ambient production dropping some impressive lines along the way. I thought the way he played around with the title was pretty dope. Similar to frequent collaborator SIR E.U when it comes to wordplay, weaving in and out of lines ranging from various topics of video games, anime and metaphors in general. It is always a treat to listen to both artists because of the sheer amount of references that they spit, maybe one day we'll get a Plue x E.U rap track. Guys?

However, to get back to this track which, in my opinion, may be Plue's best in terms of his flow at least. He sounds more comfortable and polished then he has in the past. He has come along way from the first time I've heard him spit that's for sure. He is also one of the best at making anime/video game references and not forcing them or sounding corny, you ATF niggas should take notes...and he is the AD-LIB GAWD!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Black Milk - What It's Worth

Detroit's own Black Milk released this laid back smooth track entitled "What It's Worth" and I gotta say it is worth a whole lot, given that Black doesn't release too much material outside of his projects, so it's nice to hear something from him anytime but when it's a record like this it is really special. Proud to be from the same city as this dude, he is a true artist and one of Hip-Hop's hidden gems.

Tia London - Kanye Rant

I don't know much about Chicago's Tia London this is actually the first track I have heard from her but I fully intend to keep up with her future work just based off this joint. I'll admit the title of the track "Kanye Rant" is what initially caught my attention, then the fact that it was actually produced by Kanye West which then made it a must listen and boy am I glad that I did.

Tia absolutely goes in over the Blueprint Era production from her fellow Chi-Town native which was given to her by The Legendary Traxster. I'm glad to see more female emcees putting an emphasis on being lyrically rather than rapping about sex so kudos to her, Raven Sorvino, Rapsody and Nitty Scott, MC.

93' Bandits - B A E

Who would've thought a group named the 93' Bandits would put out a song called "B A E" but then again I'm pretty sure no one ever saw this coming either, especially from the same rapper who made this. So I'll let Rashad and Steezy live as I'm obviously not the demographic for this track none-the-less it works and the girls seem to like it.

Ciscero - Oh Aight ft Cal Rips

30Whop's Ciscero keeps it cool and flexes on his latest track "Oh Aight" featuring Kool Klux Klan's Cal Rips who delivers a solid guest verse with his signature sing-song rap flow. Keep watch for Cis' next single "I.A.P." and his in the works project Kids Wear Crowns.

[Video] Isaiah Rashad - Modest

Fresh off his four month stint on ScHoolboy Q's OXYMORON Tour Isaiah Rashad is back with some visuals for "Modest" the best track off his excellent debut Cilvia Demo. This is by far the best video Spottie has done, I like the split personalities concept "modest" vs "flamboyant" great way to personify the way he spits his verses on the track and the actual substance of the verses themselves. Even though I still have Cilvia in rotation, I am eagerly awaiting for new material from Isaiah from his debut album to the rumored SZA collab project, bright future ahead for this dude and music in general.


OVO's PARTYNEXTDOOR follows up "West District" with his latest sporadic single "Her Way" as per the usual with PND it's mostly melodic mumbles over a chill beat. No word on if this is from an upcoming project or when that'll come other then this

Matt McGhee - Chainzzz

"Chainzzz" is the first single "episode" from series creator Matt McGhee who impresses (once again) backed by "executive" producer Drew Beats who sets the foundation that Matt builds upon throughout the episode's duration. Interesting to hear the Rubba's "Way Star" flipped the way it was, props to Drew for coming up with a unique approach to a sample heard in another producer's work. I won't go into detail (best to hear this one yourself) on the track other than to say it is one of Matt's best yet and a helluva "pilot". 

Hopefully this is a good start to a greater series til than stay tuned to the next episode...

Judging by the series preview it will be just that. Spoiler alert! GRAMFAM S/S 14

[Mixtape] Plue Starfox - GoodBye, For Now

This was initially going to be just a post for "Sugg Manor Savage Island" until I noticed that it was apart of a new tape called GoodBye, For Now from Plue Starfox, which I found out is actually a good listen after I finally made it past the first track. The project composed of one track and seven instrumentals features a very  relaxed and melancholy sound. Honestly one of my personal favorites from the numerous of projects that Plue has put out. Kudos to the awesome Sugg Savage and AccentedSounds for their incredible contributions to the tape. I want a Sugg x Plue EP right now dammit! Make it happen you two.

Nomad - Passing Through

Nomad prepares for the July 7th release of his long awaited The Royal House of Thebes by dropping the first single "Passing Through" from the upcoming project. Lyrically the track is what we've come to expect from the Nomadic One but the flows are a bit different this time around more up tempo than usual, it's nice to see him switch it up. S/O to EZ Gustow who assists No' on the track's chorus. Be sure to mark July 7th on your calendars, as it will be almost a full year since he dropped the Mythos EP which served as a teaser for TRHoT, I'm excited to hear what the homie has come up with in almost a years time.

In the meantime, while you wait check out Nomad's latest project with his Unsung Collectiv Bucket Boys.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Video] Lupe Fiasco Sway In The Morning Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco stopped by the Sway In The Morning show to bless them with some freestyled bars like an actual freestyle not written. Similar to his Hot 97 freestyle from 2012 he starts out slow but once he warms up...boy...actually peep this first then watch. It's always interesting to see the various hosts reactions when Lu tells them he is going to actually freestyle tells you a lot about the game these days. He also hints that Tetsuo & Youth is dropping sometime in August, I can't wait!

IiMZ - Flows (prod. Hymn)

3rdiiiUth's IiMZ recently dropped his single "Flows", which was sent to me by fellow Uthian Al Hostile, this was my first time hearing from him but definitely not the last. With the track's duration coming in just under five minutes IiMZ impressed me all the way through, one of the few indie rappers I've heard with actual substance to his bars. I also enjoyed the production which was provided by Hymn (my first time hearing his work I believe...good shit Chick) although the vibe did remind me of another track from the 3rdiii called "Atmos-Fear" but that was mainly due to the similar airy-bounce featured on the tracks.

[Video] King Rosé - SZA

I've already shared my opinions on this track back when I originally did the write up for it but I have to reiterate BARS. King Rosé tabbed the talented Helena Banks to direct the visual effort of his track "SZA" who delivers a excellent video, that is just as haunting as the production behind it and as technically skilled as Rosé verse. I'm looking forward to seeing what Rosé has cooked up for his upcoming Pushing My Luck project.

[Video] Freddie Gibbs - Deeper

Freddie Gibbs has probably had the best year so far (musically) dropping two incredibly dope projects in his collaboration efforts with Madlib (Cocaine Piñata) and The World's Freshest (Tonite Show). He returns with visuals for "Deeper" one of the standout cuts from Cocaine Piñata, if you remember this is part three of a series that dates all the way back to 2012.

Check em' out in order for the full story "Thuggin'", "Shame" and then "Deeper". Be sure to cop Cocaine Piñata if you haven't yet, it has my vote for album of the year so far. Kudos to director Jonah Schwartz.

Mike of Doom - Renaissance Man

It's has been a while since I've featured the homie Mike of Doom on the site, in no part is it due to lack of effort on his behalf (that's all me). On "Renaissance Man" he swaggers over a hard hitting Inf. Zero beat all while displaying his signature bravado and that braggadocious style that he has come to be known for. Even though no release date has been announced you can expect Mayor Whop's The Campaign soon. 

Mike also stated on Twitter that "might drop some 'lyrical' shit next Mayor Monday just to fuck with your head" so be on the look out for that. Hopefully he does it, I'm interested to hear what "lyrical" Doom sounds like. Lastly, if you haven't checked out his Rookie of the Year yet do that one of my favorites from 2013. 

[Video] T.I. - About The Money ft Young Thug

T.I. grabs Young Thug (aka Drop God's favorite rapper at the moment) for his latest single "About The Money" from his upcoming album Paperwork: The Motion Picture. Honestly going off ear and by looking at the comments I'm not the only one that feels this way, but the record is more like a Thugger track but it could be just the show stealing charisma he displays in his verse and the bridge another similarity he shares with his idol Lil' Wayne.

Anyway I enjoyed it, most definitely in my opinion, T.I.'s best single in years but judging by the comments on the video his "true" fans don't seem to care for it due to the song's trap sound and it featuring Thug. One question the fuck is it "too trap" for him like T.I. didn't name an album Trap Muzik or spit this line?

[Video] ScHoolboy Q - Studio (Live Vevo Go Show)

ScHoolboy Q took to New York and a boat for this unorthodox performance of his latest single "Studio" from his Oxymoron album. Although this probably wouldn't be fun for more then a couple of songs, this would be a pretty awesome way to see one of your favorite artist perform but like Q I'm worried I'd get seasick. Be sure to check the official video a.k.a. the BeatsByDre commercial for "Studio" here.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

rMell - SPBM

The dynamic duo of Grammy Family's rMell and Matt McGhee have done it once again. It's almost becoming redundant to speak on, which is why I initially threw this up on the blog with no write up...well that and a little bit of laziness. However, I chose to write my wrong and try to give this joint its proper due.

"SPBM" which stands for Something Produced By Matt, who again is highly underrated in that category, dude can spit but lets start to give him his credit for his production skills. As for rMell, ever since GramFam's 25 I've found myself continuously impressed with his rhymes, he has come along way from the dude who once said "Oh you mad cuz I'm styling on you? Zip it. If you feeling froggy, go ahead ribbit" and the other corny punchlines which I criticized him for in the past. With the rate he is evolving, I just might have to make a part two of my The Evolution of rMell article and I'm no fool but I am definitely ready to hear his "catalog of new shit".


[Mixtape] Mac Miller - FACES

Happy Mother's Day, have a sammich.

[Video] Freddie Gibbs x Vanderslice - Bugatti Bullet Holes

River City Ransom meets Gangsta Gibbs meets a Bugatti equals bullet holes. Grab Vanderslice's full project Everything's Awesome here.

[Video] Flying Lotus - Phantasm ft Laura Darlington

Track sixteen from Fly Lo's 2012 album Until the Quiet Comes gets the visual treatment from director Markus Hofko who crafts a video just as unique and odd as its creator.

[Video] Inside The Beat: Earl Sweatshirt & Vince Staples

The good folks over at Noisey got together with Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples for the first episode of their "Inside The Beat" series. Surprisingly this has very little to do with producing and serves more as insight into Earl and mostly Vince's recording habits and personal feelings on music. Excellent cinematography.

[Mixtape] Unsung Collectiv - Bucket Boys

Bucket Boys is the first project from the Unsung Colletctiv (and if you see the E, drop em') comprised of emcees Nomad and EZ Gustow, producers Eric Barry and DJ 69 among others such as T.Brown. Even with its short duration the tape serves its purpose as a nice introduction to the group and their particular sound. No' and EZ flow well together and have great track chemistry throughout the tape, both have similar rhyming styles but their distinctively different voices set them apart from each other, everyone else and draw you in as a listener. Hopefully a follow up tape is in the works I would love to hear more.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[EP] 2 Chainz - FreeBase

After having a down year compared to his breakout in 2012, 2 Chainz was seemingly in limbo with what to do for his next move with B.O.A.T.S. II not doing what he expected. However, it might have been a blessing in disguise as he sounds hungry once again on his new EP FreeBase. While it isn't T.R.U. Realigon, it is my favorite project from him since the classic mixtape, tapping back into that raw street sound that saw him grow into the star he was two Summers ago. S/O to the good folks over at OnSmash for the stream.

Cal Rips - One Take

Kool Klux Klan's Cal Rips took time out from working hard on his upcoming project to release a brand new track "One Take" which finds him swanking and swaggering his way through a ill verse over some nice brass production from DJ Such-N-Such. Expect Cal's Phor You to drop later this year. After F.

Freddie Gibbs - Bugatti Bullet Holes

For "Bugatti Bullet Holes" the final leak off his upcoming project Everything's Awesome producer Vanderslice laces Freddie Gibbs with some eerie hard-hitting production who in turn spits a equally raw verse. Gibbs has been on a tear this year and doesn't seem to have any intention of slowing down soon, hitting the road earlier this year with Madlib and now on Tech N9ne's Independent Grind Tour. Be sure to cop Freddie Gibbs latest project Cocaine Pinata which in my opinion is the best album of 2014 so far.

[Video] Rick Ross - Thug Cry ft Lil Wayne

It has been a little over two months since Rick "Lemon Pepper" Ross released his sixth studio album Mastermind, the support still continues with visuals coming for the Lil Wayne assisted "Thug Cry". Director Dre Films tabs actor Wood Harris to play a inmate who has recently been released from jail as Ross and Wayne trade verses over the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League produced track. WANGZZZ...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lil Wayne - Believe Me ft Drake

With a tweet from Kobe Bryant and a Instagram post from Floyd Mayweather "Carter Season" was said to have officially begun. However, in my opinion it started back in 2013 when Wayne apologize to his fans and promised to work harder once he noticed that his recent projects weren't up for awards. He has since seemed to stick with that sentiment if his verses on "Loyal" (showcasing his classic charm) and "Senile" (his best verse in years) are any indicators. 

One thing that has remained constant over the last few years is that Wayne and Drake are a deadly duo, everything they touch is music gold, and "Believe Me" is no different. Even with Wayne's verses lacking over the last couple of years, he always seemed to rise to the occasion when Drake was featured, this is why even though I'm happy to hear Wayne sounding awake and rejuvenated again I'm hesitant to crown him as officially back. This is a great start however for an artist who has seemingly staked his whole legacy on this last album as he says, Wayne says believe me but I'll have to wait until Carter Season really begins and that is when I can listen to Tha Carter V itself.

Al Hostile - Brazilian BBS ft rMell & Dark Nimbus

3rdiiiUth's Al Hostile links up with fellow Uthian Dark Nimbus and tabs the tracks producer rMell of GramFam fame for the remix to "Brazilian BBS" one of the standout cuts from Al's great debut project The Finer Thangz.


With ILLFIGHTYOU and UGLYFRANK's stock on the rise, the group decides to release visuals for "LEFTOVA" the lead single from the latter's BOBBY HILL EP. Froot Loops, a great beat and good raps what else could you ask for? Frank is easily one of my favorite rappers to come out in the last 5-7 years, dude is crazy good.

[Video] Tyler, The Creator - WOLF Anniversary Show

Tyler, The Creator gives a brief look at what went down during WOLF's anniversary show.'s crazy to think it has been a year since this album dropped I remember the day I heard it vividly. Anyway be sure to grab it if you haven't yet it is definitely worth it.

Plue Starfox - Persian Rugs (Glitch Edit)

Plue Starfox is an absolute mad genius. If you follow him on SoundCloud you'll know that he is prone to sporadically drop songs, remixes and even whole projects. Today I bring you his awesome glitch edits of PARTYNEXTDOOR's anti-friendzone anthem "Persian Rugs".


93' Bandits - Hunnid Fold ft Mike of Doom

The 93' Bandits make their return with "Hunnid Fold" the third single from the duo and tab the "Mayor of 30Whop" himself Mike of Doom. The inclusion of Mike was a great choice as he changes the format for the Bandits' recent singles which have just been them and he of course brings his signature energy to the track. Steezy Grizzlies and Rashad Stark both drop great verses respectively but it's the latter who turns in what just might be his best verse yet. The 93' Bandits have quickly made a name for themselves and with all eyes on them it'll be interesting to see if they'll live up to the expectations when their upcoming project Bandit Shit drops later this year.

Re-Drop: 93' Bandits - "Got Dammit" & "One Time"

CRASHprez - Thom Yorke Is Black

Although his Wikipedia states differently, CRASHprez wants you to know that "Thom Yorke Is Black" and does so over menacingly dark, brooding piano keys which set the tone for the overall melancholy mood of the track. The production crafted by *hitmayng, CRASH's partner in crime, is reminiscent of Radiohead's "Videotape" and brings the track's reference material full circle. There is a saying that "Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" and these two exemplify that to a t. This is, in my opinion at least, their best effort and I look forward to hearing what else they've cooked up for CRASH's More Perfect which is slated to release this Summer. CATCHWRECK.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Earl Sweatshirt - Nebraska ft Mac Miller & Vince Staples

Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter earlier today to release two previously unheard tracks dating far back as 2012. The first "Nebraska" features good friends in Mac Miller and Vince Staples, the second is a solo cut featuring a interesting production choice compared to Earl's norm. S/O to you if you know the video SS screenshoted for the cover art. 

Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck

For his international single "Down On My Luck" Vic Mensa transcends his Chicago roots and goes for a sound most commonly heard in clubs over in the United Kingdom. Although it's a little different then what you've come to expect from Chicago rappers, if you're a fan of Mensa this should have be no surprise for you. This could potentially be a breakthrough single for Vic especially overseas where this sound is more widely accepted. I'm sure Chance is jealous...

Vic Mensa's INNANET TAPE is available now.  

Travi$ Scott - Don't Play ft Big Sean


Last month Travi$ Scott took to the stage during his show at The FADERFORT for SXSW to premiere his latest single then known as "1975" with fellow G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean. Today a clean version of the track was released now entitled "Don't Play", I'll be the first to say that I'm not the biggest fan of La Flame but this is easily one of my favorite joints of 2014. With Owl Pharaoh being the huge disappointment that it was, it'll be interesting to see if his upcoming project Rodeo delivers what we expected with his mixtape, at the very least this is a great start.

Suncaste - Knight Ryder ft Ciscero

I don't know much about D.C.'s Suncaste other than, that he is a producer and a damn good one at that. On "Knight Ryder" he links up with Maryland's Ciscero who delivers an impressive verse full of witty wordplay and alliteration over the excellent experimental electronic/hip-hop production.

I checked out Sun's Soundcloud after I heard this track to see if he had any other material and sure enough he did, a decent amount of instrumentals with electronic, trip-hop and traditional hip-hop bases and a few with all three elements effortlessly fused together. If you enjoy Flying Lotus or the music featured in Adult Swim's bumps I'd highly recommend you check out his other work. Great stuff.

Big K.R.I.T. - Mt. Olympus

Who the hell pissed off Big K.R.I.T.? That's what went through my mind once I heard his latest "Mt. Olympus" over some epic production, which of course is self-produced, the Mississippian makes his presence felt once again speaking on a range of topics. I like this type of energy from K.R.I.T. he sounds hungry and more focused than ever and that's scary.