Thursday, June 19, 2014

Black Milk - What It's Worth

Detroit's own Black Milk released this laid back smooth track entitled "What It's Worth" and I gotta say it is worth a whole lot, given that Black doesn't release too much material outside of his projects, so it's nice to hear something from him anytime but when it's a record like this it is really special. Proud to be from the same city as this dude, he is a true artist and one of Hip-Hop's hidden gems.

Tia London - Kanye Rant

I don't know much about Chicago's Tia London this is actually the first track I have heard from her but I fully intend to keep up with her future work just based off this joint. I'll admit the title of the track "Kanye Rant" is what initially caught my attention, then the fact that it was actually produced by Kanye West which then made it a must listen and boy am I glad that I did.

Tia absolutely goes in over the Blueprint Era production from her fellow Chi-Town native which was given to her by The Legendary Traxster. I'm glad to see more female emcees putting an emphasis on being lyrically rather than rapping about sex so kudos to her, Raven Sorvino, Rapsody and Nitty Scott, MC.

93' Bandits - B A E

Who would've thought a group named the 93' Bandits would put out a song called "B A E" but then again I'm pretty sure no one ever saw this coming either, especially from the same rapper who made this. So I'll let Rashad and Steezy live as I'm obviously not the demographic for this track none-the-less it works and the girls seem to like it.

Ciscero - Oh Aight ft Cal Rips

30Whop's Ciscero keeps it cool and flexes on his latest track "Oh Aight" featuring Kool Klux Klan's Cal Rips who delivers a solid guest verse with his signature sing-song rap flow. Keep watch for Cis' next single "I.A.P." and his in the works project Kids Wear Crowns.

[Video] Isaiah Rashad - Modest

Fresh off his four month stint on ScHoolboy Q's OXYMORON Tour Isaiah Rashad is back with some visuals for "Modest" the best track off his excellent debut Cilvia Demo. This is by far the best video Spottie has done, I like the split personalities concept "modest" vs "flamboyant" great way to personify the way he spits his verses on the track and the actual substance of the verses themselves. Even though I still have Cilvia in rotation, I am eagerly awaiting for new material from Isaiah from his debut album to the rumored SZA collab project, bright future ahead for this dude and music in general.


OVO's PARTYNEXTDOOR follows up "West District" with his latest sporadic single "Her Way" as per the usual with PND it's mostly melodic mumbles over a chill beat. No word on if this is from an upcoming project or when that'll come other then this

Matt McGhee - Chainzzz

"Chainzzz" is the first single "episode" from series creator Matt McGhee who impresses (once again) backed by "executive" producer Drew Beats who sets the foundation that Matt builds upon throughout the episode's duration. Interesting to hear the Rubba's "Way Star" flipped the way it was, props to Drew for coming up with a unique approach to a sample heard in another producer's work. I won't go into detail (best to hear this one yourself) on the track other than to say it is one of Matt's best yet and a helluva "pilot". 

Hopefully this is a good start to a greater series til than stay tuned to the next episode...

Judging by the series preview it will be just that. Spoiler alert! GRAMFAM S/S 14

[Mixtape] Plue Starfox - GoodBye, For Now

This was initially going to be just a post for "Sugg Manor Savage Island" until I noticed that it was apart of a new tape called GoodBye, For Now from Plue Starfox, which I found out is actually a good listen after I finally made it past the first track. The project composed of one track and seven instrumentals features a very  relaxed and melancholy sound. Honestly one of my personal favorites from the numerous of projects that Plue has put out. Kudos to the awesome Sugg Savage and AccentedSounds for their incredible contributions to the tape. I want a Sugg x Plue EP right now dammit! Make it happen you two.

Nomad - Passing Through

Nomad prepares for the July 7th release of his long awaited The Royal House of Thebes by dropping the first single "Passing Through" from the upcoming project. Lyrically the track is what we've come to expect from the Nomadic One but the flows are a bit different this time around more up tempo than usual, it's nice to see him switch it up. S/O to EZ Gustow who assists No' on the track's chorus. Be sure to mark July 7th on your calendars, as it will be almost a full year since he dropped the Mythos EP which served as a teaser for TRHoT, I'm excited to hear what the homie has come up with in almost a years time.

In the meantime, while you wait check out Nomad's latest project with his Unsung Collectiv Bucket Boys.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Video] Lupe Fiasco Sway In The Morning Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco stopped by the Sway In The Morning show to bless them with some freestyled bars like an actual freestyle not written. Similar to his Hot 97 freestyle from 2012 he starts out slow but once he warms up...boy...actually peep this first then watch. It's always interesting to see the various hosts reactions when Lu tells them he is going to actually freestyle tells you a lot about the game these days. He also hints that Tetsuo & Youth is dropping sometime in August, I can't wait!

IiMZ - Flows (prod. Hymn)

3rdiiiUth's IiMZ recently dropped his single "Flows", which was sent to me by fellow Uthian Al Hostile, this was my first time hearing from him but definitely not the last. With the track's duration coming in just under five minutes IiMZ impressed me all the way through, one of the few indie rappers I've heard with actual substance to his bars. I also enjoyed the production which was provided by Hymn (my first time hearing his work I believe...good shit Chick) although the vibe did remind me of another track from the 3rdiii called "Atmos-Fear" but that was mainly due to the similar airy-bounce featured on the tracks.

[Video] King Rosé - SZA

I've already shared my opinions on this track back when I originally did the write up for it but I have to reiterate BARS. King Rosé tabbed the talented Helena Banks to direct the visual effort of his track "SZA" who delivers a excellent video, that is just as haunting as the production behind it and as technically skilled as Rosé verse. I'm looking forward to seeing what Rosé has cooked up for his upcoming Pushing My Luck project.

[Video] Freddie Gibbs - Deeper

Freddie Gibbs has probably had the best year so far (musically) dropping two incredibly dope projects in his collaboration efforts with Madlib (Cocaine Piñata) and The World's Freshest (Tonite Show). He returns with visuals for "Deeper" one of the standout cuts from Cocaine Piñata, if you remember this is part three of a series that dates all the way back to 2012.

Check em' out in order for the full story "Thuggin'", "Shame" and then "Deeper". Be sure to cop Cocaine Piñata if you haven't yet, it has my vote for album of the year so far. Kudos to director Jonah Schwartz.

Mike of Doom - Renaissance Man

It's has been a while since I've featured the homie Mike of Doom on the site, in no part is it due to lack of effort on his behalf (that's all me). On "Renaissance Man" he swaggers over a hard hitting Inf. Zero beat all while displaying his signature bravado and that braggadocious style that he has come to be known for. Even though no release date has been announced you can expect Mayor Whop's The Campaign soon. 

Mike also stated on Twitter that "might drop some 'lyrical' shit next Mayor Monday just to fuck with your head" so be on the look out for that. Hopefully he does it, I'm interested to hear what "lyrical" Doom sounds like. Lastly, if you haven't checked out his Rookie of the Year yet do that one of my favorites from 2013. 

[Video] T.I. - About The Money ft Young Thug

T.I. grabs Young Thug (aka Drop God's favorite rapper at the moment) for his latest single "About The Money" from his upcoming album Paperwork: The Motion Picture. Honestly going off ear and by looking at the comments I'm not the only one that feels this way, but the record is more like a Thugger track but it could be just the show stealing charisma he displays in his verse and the bridge another similarity he shares with his idol Lil' Wayne.

Anyway I enjoyed it, most definitely in my opinion, T.I.'s best single in years but judging by the comments on the video his "true" fans don't seem to care for it due to the song's trap sound and it featuring Thug. One question the fuck is it "too trap" for him like T.I. didn't name an album Trap Muzik or spit this line?

[Video] ScHoolboy Q - Studio (Live Vevo Go Show)

ScHoolboy Q took to New York and a boat for this unorthodox performance of his latest single "Studio" from his Oxymoron album. Although this probably wouldn't be fun for more then a couple of songs, this would be a pretty awesome way to see one of your favorite artist perform but like Q I'm worried I'd get seasick. Be sure to check the official video a.k.a. the BeatsByDre commercial for "Studio" here.