Sunday, July 13, 2014

Plue Starfox - LO•KI (HFIL)

I came across this nice little gem from Plue Starfox earlier today and found myself pleasantly pleased that I did. "LO•KI (HFIL)" finds Plue spitting over his usual choice of hauntingly-dark ambient production dropping some impressive lines along the way. I thought the way he played around with the title was pretty dope. Similar to frequent collaborator SIR E.U when it comes to wordplay, weaving in and out of lines ranging from various topics of video games, anime and metaphors in general. It is always a treat to listen to both artists because of the sheer amount of references that they spit, maybe one day we'll get a Plue x E.U rap track. Guys?

However, to get back to this track which, in my opinion, may be Plue's best in terms of his flow at least. He sounds more comfortable and polished then he has in the past. He has come along way from the first time I've heard him spit that's for sure. He is also one of the best at making anime/video game references and not forcing them or sounding corny, you ATF niggas should take notes...and he is the AD-LIB GAWD!