Monday, November 26, 2012

The Evolution of rMell

For the last two years that I've known the man, rMell has been working on this huge project. Even though it went under different names and forms it eventually became to be known as NEOGEO. I'll admit there were times when I didn't think this project was coming out but the day for NEOGEO and rMell has finally come. As I write this, less than one hour away from the release of NEOGEO, I couldn't help but think throughout the day about all of rMell's music in general. So I decided to gather some of his work for those who need a reminder or even for those who haven't heard of him yet. 

From the first time I heard him and E.U on Tumblr and their Yuck Feah Fridays series I was a fan. rMell has continually improved with each release and always impresses me with the progression he makes. With his EP Hipsters & Hypebeasts he showed that he could do it solo after dropping Yuck Feah and Kazuya Chronicles with E.U and Avion respectively. FRECKLES was a improvement on the formula that he displayed on H&H. Even though limited, rMell's Grammy Family material is some of his best and at least in my opinion, when his rap skills started to finally reach and even outshine at times his producing skills. He became a true artist. From the few tracks that I've heard from NEOGEO, I can honestly say there isn't a genre I could put it in or anything I could compare it too. It's in a league of it's own. I'm sure NEOGEO will be worth the wait and the best project rMell has made to this date. I look forward to hearing it and seeing what rMell does in the future. 

One question though. Now that we finally got NEOGEO, where's WolfMell?

Yuck Feah Fridays

Hipsters & Hypebeasts EP


Grammy Family


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Honestly Speaking...

Honesty is something of a rarity in music nowadays, hell honesty in general is rare these days. One problem that always seems to occur when discussing honesty is, is it based in truth or hate. An even bigger problem is when it applies to music. I'm sure all face this problem but it is no other genre that shows examples of this better than Hip-Hop/Rap.

We all know the story of 2DBZ Vs. Odd Future, the infamous intro of Bastard and the various other and often hilarious disses. Even though I happen to agree with Tyler and his buddies about the site (disrespect intended), 2DBZ actually did nothing wrong other than not liking Tyler's music. We have all seen hating, for example YouTube/WSHH comments. Stroll on over to a Lil' Wayne or Drake video and see just how many varieties of the word "gay" you can find. Wayne's various baby mamas and countless stories of Drake and his stripper saving ways, would prove other wise though. Those are just a few examples of hating on something with no merit. Sometimes however, actual truth can be confused for blind hate and that is where the biggest problem occurs when it comes to criticism in Hip-Hop/Rap.

As a blogger I can share countless stories of criticism gone wrong, you try to tell an artist "Hey this isn't your best" or "I've heard better from you" and you'll be lucky if you don't end up with that artist cursing you out and calling you a hater or other various inane things. I honestly can say that 8 out of 10 times I approach a artist with something another than positivity, I end up being attacked for no reason. So I tend to follow the old saying of "If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all" when it comes to dealing with artist.

Although, there are simply times when I cannot hold back my criticism. For example a short time ago, a indie rapper (who shall remain nameless) dropped a song on Twitter. I've heard said rapper a few times here and there and dude honestly can rap. So when I saw he was dropping a song I thought here is the perfect chance to check out some solo material and see what he can do on a full track rather than a guest verse. As I hit play I was immediately thrown-off by the singing vocal that was sampled. It was loud and absolutely awful but the actual verses weren't bad. Again. I didn't have a problem with the artist or his verses, it was the production that devalued the listening experience. 

I was left speechless and expressed so on Twitter i.e. (......) and I could see a few other artists shared my sentiment. After some playful joking around about the track between me and the artists, word got back to the creator of the track and his crew. Immediately feelings were hurt and things quickly got out of hand for no reason, other than me and those artist expressing how we felt about the song. I admit it wasn't the most mature way of handling it on my part but it was a criticism of the track, not of the artist and his skill but he and others couldn't see that. It was just a "Oh, you don't like my song? You a hater" type of vibe. 

To get to my point however, it's examples like that, where a fan/blogger/fellow artist can be sharing their honest opinion about an artist music and it simply becomes "hate". Am I not entitled to my opinion? It wasn't as if we didn't listen to the track, we listened and didn't like it for reasons that are completely justified. It wasn't hate it was truth. Simple as that.

If I was a rapper, I'd want to hear honest opinions about my music. I wouldn't want a bunch of yes men and friends hyping me up and allowing me to make shit music. If you don't like this article let me know. If you have a reasonable reason for disliking it, I won't curse you out or claim you to be a hater. I'll chalk it up to a learning experience of what not to do in the next editorial I write. 

If more artist could apply what fans/critics/bloggers say about their music and actually acknowledge and change or improved based upon those criticisms the Hip-Hop/Rap game would be a much better place. I'm not saying change your sound or compromise your artistic integrity for success or mass approval *cough* Wale *cough* but consider what those people are saying. However, in the end it all comes down to opinion whether it be truth or hate, it's an opinion. The Drop God Dictionary (in stores soon) defines opinion as: a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. So the next time someone doesn't like your music or gives you honest criticism, respect their opinion, whether you agree or disagree because AGAIN it's an opinion. Not a fact. Honestly speaking however, if I say you suck at rapping you probably do...just saying...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Digital Drop Presents: The Rap Up With Plue Starfox

Drop: Plue! It's been a looooong time in the making, finally the interview goes down (laughs). What's up fam? (For those who don't know me and Plue have had this interview on hold due to busy schedules and laziness, on both parties, for about a year)

Plue Starfox: Nothing much Drop God, basically getting it how I live (laughs). Making beats and slowly becoming an ill ass rapper (ugh.)

Drop: You rapping now Plue? Was it always producing first or did you want to be a rapper initially?

Plue: I was rapping in my freshman year of high school I sucked major ass and never did it again in public but that whole time in between then and now, I've been refining those rap skills until they become golden. There's a Plue Starfox x High Class Filth Song I'm working on where I rapped on his beat "PREME" I'll make sure Digital Drop gets that first before anyone does (laughs).

Drop: Appreciate that sir. So Plue, I've been wondering where exactly are you from? How did you end up connecting with local artist in the DMV area?

Plue: I am from Wayne Land (ew), I connected with all the local artists in the DMV area through the Kool Klux Klan. I've been making music with them since I started and other locals just gravitated to me . I really want to do a tape with rMell if he's bout that life.

Drop: That's exactly the same with me, shout out to the Klan I guess haha. rMell x Plue sounds awesome. Let's talk your upcoming project Stone Ocean. What can you tell me about it so far? Will it feature any other artist or will it just be all you like LuveDisc?

Plue: Stone Ocean is my rendition of Ski Beatz'  24hr Karate School, I'm just getting my circle of artists I create with, providing them with dope production and making a dope ass album. Stone Ocean will have hella artists on it (laughs). Levi Watson, rMell, SIR E.U. Phil!, Sol, Surp God, Steezy Grizzlies, Rizz Capolatti, Allen Thomas, Muzzy Legault and more.

Drop: That's wassup. How did you decide who you wanted to be on the project?

Plue: All of the artist I chose are artists I've recently worked with or people I've just noticed have mad talent and I think that we would mesh well.

Drop: I want to talk about the name of the project Stone Ocean. How did that come about? It's interesting seeing as those are polar opposites stone and ocean...or could it possibly be a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

Plue: It is an reference to Jojo's Bizzare!!! What you know bout that Drop God?

Drop: Ha, nothing at all to be honest. I've heard about it. I don't read or watch it though tis' the power of Google (laughs). Should I check it out?

Plue: Google that shit man! It is crazy, like it's almost as crazy as Fist of The North Star. Fist of The North Star is borderline insane. Exploding heads urrwhurr (laughs).

Drop: While we're on the subject of anime....will there be any theme Stone Ocean will follow similar to how LuveDisc was heavily anime influenced? 

Plue: Stone Ocean is heavily anime influenced, probably more than LuveDisc, which I thought was impossible. For Stone Ocean, I sampled lots of video games too so I should rephrase that and say its anime/video game influenced.

Drop: I know you've stated that the Luve Proper material is inspired when you go on anime binges, so is there any particular thing that inspires your Plue material?

Plue: My Plue material is influenced by everyday shit I do. Like Luve Proper is an hardcore Otaku version of Plue. Where Plue is a more cool laid back version of the Otaku that is Luve. Luve is more experimental whereas Plue is more Nujabes inspired.

Drop: Ok, I see they're different yet similar in that aspect. When can we expect to hear Stone Ocean? 

Plue: Somewhere in the middle of December. I don't know when it depends on when I get all the right stuff done far as the cover, videos and verses.

Drop: I want to ask you somethings about producing in general. How long have you've been producing? Any particular event in your life or song make you want to start?

Plue: I was in 10th grade during the most boring summer of my life, I decided to start learning how to produce with FL Studio, some of my old beats are still scattered around YouTube but if you find em you'll see how much I've progressed since then.

Drop: When collaborating with rappers, do you just let them choose the beat or do you produce with that certain artist in my mind and cater to their usual sound?

Plue: Sometimes while working on collab tapes I heavily use my style when producing the beats for it. That way it would really be a collab rather than a bunch of beats "rappers name" would rap on but what I usually do is send the artist about 2-4 beats and let them choose which beat they want to use and I take the beats they don't use and place them elsewhere.

Drop: Do you feel producers get enough credit for their talents and what they bring to music?

Plue: Producers actually are getting more credit today in the music industry as opposed to 10-12 years ago. Like no one was putting (prod. by ???) in the titles of their tracks up until a few years ago. So I do think we are getting more recognition because of that, on the other hand we aren't because rappers still forget to give the producers their credit sometimes.

Drop: Anything else you're working on? 

Plue: I am working on collaborative tapes with Levi Watson, Phil!, Muzzy Legault, Gary Samurai and Jowin  and another secret one with a dope artist I've worked with before.

Drop: Hmm...could that secret one be a possible Plue x E.U collab tape? 

Plue: (laughs) That is the secret one that's being worked on but it isn't the super secret classified tape I'm working on, that one is with someone I only have one song with at the moment. Can I get extra ignorant with the shotouts?!? (laughs)

Drop: I knew it! You already beat me to the last question haha. Do you then...

Plue: S/O to the girl with the curly hair ( @OGlegs) go follow her. MDNK Academy. Tia with her surp sipping ass. SHOTOGang. Grammy Family, GramFamGang. Kool Klux. XXGRAND. Shikinley with the ass. Nightmare Sensei. Diles$ Mavis. Reggie the Anime God. @ArtSoulLife. Agent K. Nino Lewis & The Tru Hippies. The hashin. Youngin man. Hippie$olo Alexandrea Moraga. Perfect Cell aka DOOM JR. AKA SIR EU THE GREAT AKA HIPPOGODAMUS. My nigga Yamcha for being the most useless character in Dragon Ball Z! Digital Drop and the Drop God for giving me this dope ass interview. Peace. Stay +

[EP] SIR E.U - shortest EP ever


Monday, November 12, 2012

Plue Starfox - A L E X A N D R E A

I normally don't post instrumentals but I had to make exception for immaculate producer Plue Starfox. "A L E X A N D R E A" features a subtle space age sound and all around chill vibe, just a preview of what you can expect when Plue drops his upcoming Stone Ocean project. Be sure to check out his previous project LuveDisc and his interview with Digital Drop coming soon.

Oab Jenkins - Danny Devito (prod. Eu-IV)

Newcomer to the blog is Oab Jenkins who sent me this impressive track named after the actor "Danny Devito". Oab spits some solid bars, to go along with his sharp delivery and flow. Most impressively is how producer Eu-IV flips Boom Clap Bachelors "Tiden Flyver" already a great song and most known for being the sample behind Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" kudos to Eu-IV for that as the two sound nothing alike. Be sure to check out the rest of Oab Jenkins' music over at his SoundCloud too.

[Mixtape] Aceology - Red Eye Poetry: Adventures of $uburbia's Finest

Red Eye Poetry from Aceology is easily one of the dopest projects to drop this year. One of the main reasons why is because Ace maintains his sound, more of a Trill Wave and Trap hybrid, than just Trill Wave without coming across as another A$AP/SGP clone. I actually preferred when Ace strayed away from that typical sound to experiment a little bit. "Nigga Like Me" is the perfect example of this, Ace flows over a minimalistic beat backed by soulful horns, a few soft claps and a excellent guest verse from Mike of Doom. Another track that I felt stood out was "RN$" which featured a spacey sound, some assistance from a unknown female and a very infectious hook.

REP also stands out mainly due to the production of the project, each track has it's own individual sound and I can't say that any particular beat disappointed me. That aspect also helps to serve to hold your interest over the lengthy 18 track project (all though two of the tracks are bonuses) and keep your head nodding, to the at times hypnotic sound. It's almost as you're under the influence of a drug while listening. Very trippy shit.

As a fan of Trill Wave, I particularly enjoyed REP a lot, for the average rap fan the slurred and distorted vocals and tripped out production might be off putting. Although I would recommend you listen even if you despise A$AP/SGP or Trill Wave all together. Mainly because Aceology does such a well job at sticking to the genres roots and still creating his own unique sound which is something very hard to do these days. I can guarantee that you've never heard anything like Red Eye Poetry and Ace should be saluted for that. 

Standout Tracks: Nigga Like Me, RN$, Mxdnxght Cruxze, Zues and Chinchilla Warfare 

Stream below or download

Surp God - MellSURP (prod. rMell)

One of the underground's dopest in Surp God and one of the best producers rMell finally bless the world with their anticipated collaboration "MellSURP" and as always Surp comes through and does it one time for the 99'. Backed by Mell's excellent production, Surp yet again verbally assaults another track. No hook, all lyricism. Hopefully we'll get his project for the LOVE of SOUND soon until than keep this on repeat. I know I will. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Louseph Bruise Em' - Waiting

Rapper and producer extraordinaire Louseph Bruise Em' worked out of his writer's block to drop "Waiting" the coolest shit he's ever wrote ironically. Seriously. I don't know how he does it but Lou always seems to top his previous effort and this time it's even more impressive seeing how he had the dreaded block. Not to many artists seeing the homie on the production side either, one of my personal favorites from Young Lou.

Dream Koala - Hipster Girl

I'll be honest I don't know much about Dream Koala (cool name) or his music at all. This is the first track I've ever heard from him but I do know good music. "Hipster Girl" is mainly an instrumental aside from a few light vocals here and there but it is great none the less. A very peaceful and trace like vibe is given off from the record. Be sure to support Dream Koala's BLUR EP on which "Hipster Girl" and other tracks like it can be found.


The forever working SIR E.U is back (again) with another mixtape this time KINGHIPPO.TV which he claims is better than his last full length project 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE. I don't know if I would personally compare them but I can say I did enjoy KHTV just as much if not more than I did 3000%BE. This is definitely the best mixtape that E.U has dropped since beginning his promise of a new project every Tuesday and more than makes up for the fact that he missed last Tuesday. 

More so than with his last effort, KINGHIPPO.TV seems to be a fully fleshed out mixtape rather than a few Mango inspired freestyles. E.U delivers as always on the lyrical side and the tape benefits from the TV theme with each track serving as a different channel or show if you will. I don't know how long E.U plans on keeping this up but if each project gets increasely better than I hope it lasts for a few more weeks. KINGHIPPO.TV is one of E.U's best in a ever growing and impressive catalog and should serve as a example of just what the Hippo is capable of in such a short time. 

Stream below or download

[EP] CRASHprez - I Hate All You Rap Niggas: A Thesis

Future Pre(z)sident of The United States CRASHprez dropped his latest work I Hate All You Rap Niggas: A Thesis seemingly out of nowhere. CRASH sent me the intro to the project late last night "Thesis Statement" which in my opinion is one of his best joints yet. The EP itself is a more than enjoyable listen, CRASH is one of the few rappers who finds a way to entice the listener and hold their attention while always rapping about something you should care about (à la Kendrick Lamar). Other tracks such as the dark but necessary "Blasphemy For Everyone" and the hilariously "Finna Go Mainstream" make IHAYRN one of the unique joints to drop this year. Definitely a nice follow up to his last project CRASHvillainy and a better example of CRASH's true skills as an artist. Congrats to CRASH for dropping two great projects in the same year. 

Stream below or download

Surp God - Bad Character

Surp God once again drops another dope track "Bad Character" this time over a Madlib classic. Enjoy this for now until his project for the LOVE of SOUND is released. Be sure to keep up with his SoundCloud as he likes to drop new tracks randomly. 

rMell - Murakami

As the release of NEOGEO approaches rMell releases a single not from the project but something to keep the fans happy. "Murakami" features a minimalistic beat produced by rMell himself (as always) which helps to bring attention to his verse, one of the longest and best I've heard from him. With no chorus to interrupt, rMell spits a tightly knit verse full of truth, ambition and aspiration and more so impressively finds a way to keep that trademark coolness without just rapping about cool shit. rMell seems to always expand himself as an artist and I expect that NEOGEO will take him and his artistry to the next level.

Captain Murphy - Immaculation ft Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae

The enigmatic cartoon rapper Captain Murphy dropped a gem earlier this week in "Immaculation", which finds Murphy and friends ( Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae) flowing over some groovy production. This is presumably from his upcoming project Duality, which will hopefully shed more light on who the Captain is as an artist more so than a person. I like the anonymity of Murphy, it reminds me of someone I know...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Digital Drop Presents: The Rap Up With Rashad Stark

Digital Drop recently chatted it up with the SNB's own Rashad Stark about his project SOAR 2, his upcoming project Vigilante, his goals and artistry, past projects and more. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

[Video] On The Road: Kendrick Lamar & TDE

Jay-Z's Life+Times series followed Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar as he performed on the Music Matters tour with Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. Also footage of the Black Hippy (Q) crew talking about who is EATIN' and who isn't, Kendrick meets LeBron James and J.Cole spitting a freestyle for Kendrick. Plus concert footage from Kendrick performing in D.C. and North Carolina. One of the more interesting and in depth videos I've seen in a while.

Earl Sweatshirt - Chum

Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt has been relatively quiet since coming home, only dropping one solo track aptly named "Home" and a few guest appearances. A lot of mysterious still surrounds the young rapper with many fans not to sure in which direction his new music will be going. What we do know is that, gone is the rapper you heard on Earl and earlier Odd Future projects. Also at the same time a lot remains the same from those days.

Earl's second released track since coming home "Chum" is the perfect example of what I was speaking on above. Earl has matured past the subjects of murder, rape and 666 to personal subjects that we've heard him speak on in the past, but more so as a child would handle it. Earl manages to keep that dark sound that his is known for and still evolve into something that he wasn't before. A mature emcee who is able to tell a story of truth and truly put his life into lyrics. I have a feeling that "Chum" is just the beginning for young Earl and that we'll get the full effect of his new found skills when he drops his project hopefully sometime this year.