Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Double Feature: rMell - Action Meezi | Silent Library ft Nomad

Late last night the homie rMell took to Twitter to drop something that he recently recorded "Action Meezi", returning a few moments later and feeling generous he released a throwback joint "Silent Library" featuring Nomad. Both of the tracks are pretty short and will definitely leave you wanting more, although it seems as if rMell has plans to release another project in the Summertime so the wait won't be that long. I've really enjoyed the past few weeks of these random drops from rMell, who has plenty of unfinished demos and hidden gems stashed away in the vault, it's been fun hearing what he's working/worked on.

Sidenote: I want more rMell x Nomad joints. Dammit. 

[Video] Weezy Wednesdays: Episode 1 (Lil Wayne's Krib)

Lil' Wayne links back up with DJ Scoob Doo (the man behind the Nino Brown documentaries) for a new weekly series entitled Weezy Wednesdays. Wayne says he feels like the true Lil' Wayne fans don't see enough of the "real" Weezy and promises more behind the scenes footage such as him in the studio which one can only assume will be for the Tha Carter V sessions and numerous other guest verses. With Young Money's Rise of an Empire slated to release March 11th and Tha Carter V due out May 5th seems like Wayne is looking to increase his presence and build hype as he has done in the past.

[Video] ScHoolboy Q - Break THe Bank

ScHoolboy Q takes is back to Figueroa Street in the visuals to his Alchemist produced cut "Break THe Bank" all while doing his best Doughboy impression. Love the late 90s feel of this video reminds me of old school Cube. Oxymoron is available now in stores and iTunes.

Vince Staples - Nate ft James Fauntleroy

With the second installment of his Shyne Coldchain series due out in two days, Long Beach's Vince Staples dropped a gem off the project earlier this week. "Nate" features James Fauntleroy of Cocaine 80s and Scoop DeVille on production, as Vincent speaks on his father and his childhood. This is one of the most impressive songs I've heard from him, he's definitely come along way from his "Epar" verse

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Danny Brown vs Detroit vs Everybody

It's been awhile since I've did one of these rant pieces. Today's rant has to do with Danny Brown but on a deeper level Detroit's culture of Detroit vs Detroit. I'm a fan of Danny too just to be clear this isn't meant to be an attack on him, it was just something his past and recent actions inspired. Lastly, just like the last rant this may not be the most clear or even cohesive thing you've read of mine but it is my true feelings unfiltered. With that all being said, enjoy.

Read any article on Danny Brown and you'll more than likely see a reference to him as "Detroit's own" or "Detroit artist" etc. He has become synonymous with the city just like fellow Motor City artists Eminem and Big Sean. However, lately I've noticed he has not actually done a show in Detroit in quite sometime and it isn't like he hasn't had the opportunity to. Last time he took to a Detroit stage was October 10th, 2012 as a apart of A$AP Rocky's Long.Live.A$AP. tour with Schoolboy Q. Before that was in 2011 with Childish Gambino. He has since embarked on four tours the "Old & Reckless" with Kitty, "Worst of Both Worlds" with Baauer, "2 High 2 Die" with Action Bronson and now most recently starting in April "The Old Danny Brown" tour. He has been to Michigan on all of these tours, he has went to cities such as Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Rothbury and for his latest tour he'll perform in Lansing. Yet no Detroit appearances.

Now the fact that Danny Brown hasn't done a show in Detroit since 2012 isn't my main problem, I understand there may be venue issues and other behind the scene issues that has prevented him from performing. It's the fact that back in 2013 he was quick to call out Big Sean for using Detroit as a promotional tool and for not really being in the hood "like that". He also pointed out the fact that "he went to the best high school in the city, you know, he probably was real spoiled or sheltered" in his interview with FADER. In Rolling Stone he "clarified" his statements and added "My point with Big Sean is that every time you hear him in an interview and every time he do anything, he's like "Cause I'm from Detroit! I'm from Detroit!" There's ho-ass niggas from Detroit and there's gangstas in Detroit. Just being from a place doesn't dictate, doesn't mean anything. My whole point is about inspiring people to do things to get out of Detroit. Somebody like him hasn't been in Detroit forever, in years. He repping it like it's a cool place to be."

Danny is right Detroit isn't a cool place to be. You may have seen the news stories of corrupt government officials and the city's bankruptcy. Let me tell you that shit is lightweight. Detroit's problem is way deeper than mayors and money. I've had a gun pulled on me, seen a dead body and seen multiple drug deals go down by the age of 13. I don't go around bragging about being from Detroit. It isn't a good place. However I'm not ashamed of it, it's my hometown and even though it's fucked up I will always have love for it. Danny shares a similar opinion "I moved to Royal Oak, that’s where I still stay. I love Michigan. I might not like Detroit so much, but I love Michigan. Don’t get me wrong—I do love Detroit, I just know we got problems." One of the major problem is exactly what Danny did though and that's Detroit vs Detroit. We're so quick to call out another nigga for not being hood enough or not being in the hood but ask any real hood nigga if they want to be in the hood they'll tell you "No.". The thing is Danny is really from the hood so he should know this already, I can't explain why it's that way it something that just is. I'm not even going to act like I have a solution for the problem. Sadly it's just as much apart of Detroit's culture as Bettermade Chips and Faygo.

Back to my point which is Danny Brown and his claim of Sean always using Detroit or bringing it up whenever he does something, if you check out the poster or promo for his latest tour "The Old Danny Brown" you'll see a skull wearing a cap with an Old English D. Ask anyone in the United States what is the first thing they think of when they see it and 99% of people with either say the Detroit Tigers or the city of Detroit itself. Either way it's Detroit right? So I find it funny how Danny chose that as the promotional image for a tour which features no Detroit show. You might say "Well Drop, how do you know he isn't using the D for Danny"? Naaaah. I'm damn well sure it means what it always has meant  and that is Detroit. So if anything it is hypocritical of Danny. More then anything it is ironic. The rapper who has four installments of a mixtape called Detroit State of Mind, calls out another Detroit artist for using Detroit for personal gain and then turns around and does it himself.  Even more ironic is the tour's name "The Old Danny Brown" because to me he couldn't be any more different from the (oldHybrid Danny Brown.

However, in the end I guess you can even call me a hypocrite. I mean I am another nigga from Detroit criticizing another nigga from Detroit and when I think about it, that's all Danny really did to Sean in the first place. Like I said earlier can't explain it that's just the culture of the environment. "Detroit versus everybody." Even if it means going against Detroit itself. Sad.

Update: Seems like Danny seen the tweets I sent out last night about him. He responded hostile initially but we hashed it out. I believe he thought I was questioning his "Detroit-ness" which wasn't my intention. Like I said it's all cool now but I can't help but laugh at the situation. Yet again, as I stated in this very editorial another example of Detroit vs Detroit. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mac Miller - Diablo

Under the guise of his alter ego Larry Fisherman, Mac Miller let another track from the vault go this time around "Diablo" featuring an uptempo beat (self produced) and some clever wordplay (that Petey Pablo line among others). Even after having one of the best albums in 2013 I still feel like Mac doesn't get enough credit for his skills on the mic. I wish more artists would release tracks like this, I feel now-a-days rappers don't have fun anymore every track is a business opportunity, iTunes single or a marketing ploy for the album. Kudos to Mac for still being able to have fun and maintain success.

[Video] Aplus Docs: Isaiah Rashad

The minds behind most of TopDawg Entertainment's early music videos APLUS Filmz, recently started a new mini documentary series and for their first subject they chose TDE's rising star Isaiah Rashad. Follow Isaiah from the video shoot for his first single "Shot You Down" all the way to the release of his Cilvia Demo, with behind the scene shots and a interview with $pottie himself.

Cilvia Demo available on iTunes now.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rick Ross - Mastermind (Intro & Tracklist)

Revolt TV and Rick Ross decided to liberate the intro to his upcoming LP Mastermind, unfortunately it isn't a track or anything like that. However, if you're interested in hearing what the album might sound like be sure to check out the Jeezy assisted single "War Ready". Lastly, you can check out the tracklist for the album here and also pre-order it, March 4th will show if Ross can recover from 2012's God Forgives, I Don't or if the "untouchable" Maybach will continue to falter. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Tacoma, Washington's UGLYFRANK has been around the blogosphere for sometime now as a member of the ILLFIGHTYOU collective who gained attention for their self titled mixtape last year. However, "Leftova" serves as the first official single from Frank's upcoming solo project BOBBY HILL EP, can't say I expected this track to sound like this but I'm pleasantly surprised. Frank is definitely one of the most talented out right now, it's great to see him receive the recognition (props to FADER) he deserves. Look for more drops and the EP itself later this year.

A-Trak & Lex Luger - Jack Tripper ft Young Thug & PeeWee Longway

The unlikely combination of A-Trak and Lex Luger will come together to release a EP entitled Low Pros this year and for the first single "Jack Tripper" from the upcoming project the duo grab Young Thug and PeeWee Longway who trade bars over the crazy production. I didn't know what to expect when I saw this initially but after hearing the track I'm actually looking forward to seeing what else Trak and Lex can create.

rMell - Gran Turismo

A short demo track from rMell, hopefully he'll get around to finishing it. I'll let him explain it further:

"Something I made when I was playing Gran Turismo 3 heavy. I don't know if I'll finish it, but I want you to hear this."

Black Milk - Cold Day

Detroit's Black Milk recently announced a new EP entitled Glitches In The Break would be releasing later this year and dropped the first single "Cold Day" from it. If you're a BM fan you'll be happy with this one. Be sure to support by grabbing the single off iTunes. Look for the EP to be released digitally on March 4th and the vinyl on April 19th (Record Store Day).

Plue Starfox - Night 1 TM : 042

Cruising SoundCloud late at night ran into this ill joint from Plue Starfox. Menacing production and rhymes from Plue as always. This might just be his best effort flow-wise, he definitely sounds more in control and refined. 

Future - Move That Dope ft Pharrell, Pusha T & Casino

With Honest seemingly hanging in limbo Future decided to release this unexpected cut from the album. I actually heard this joint on the radio on my way home, they only played Future's verse so much to my surprise when I got home and saw Pharrell and Pusha T were also on the track I was even more hyped. Good track from the Freebandz leader, hopefully this will make more noise then previously released singles and will see a solid release date for Honest.

Sidenote: Props to Casino for not ruining the track and for being able to do a really good Future impression.

[Video] Cal Rips - Flashing ft rMell (directed by Helena Bank$)

Cal Rips and Helena Bank$ finally released the long awaited visuals for "Flashing" which just might be the best of her career, featuring production and a verse from Grammy Family's rMell, this track is one of the standout cuts from Cal's last project BELIEVE. Which I highly recommend you check out if you haven't already. I expect Cal to make big strides in 2014, he seems more focused and hungry than ever. As always and forever R.I.P. AV 1032.

Iamsu! - Yesterday

Richmond's own and HBK Gang leader Iamsu! has been on the grind for a minute slowly but surely his hard work has been paying off going from being uncredited to one of the most featured artists on some of 2013's biggest singles. With the release date of his debut studio album approaching, $uzy decides to reminisce on past days and how he's come up from it. Sincerely Yours April 2014.

Two-9 - Everything

ATL collective Two-9 unleashed the re-mastered, non-DJ version of "Everything" which first appeared as a preview on Mike WiLL's #MikeWiLLBeenTriLL late last year. Props to OnSMASH.

[Video] Yo Gotti - Cold Blood ft J.Cole & Canei Finch

Earlier this week Yo Gotti released visuals for his next single "Cold Blood" featuring J.Cole and the very underrated Canei Finch. Glad to see Gotti switch it up and slow it down, after "Act Right" and "King Shit" both which where good singles to lead off the album. Aside from a few underground cats and Fabolous' annual "soul" mixtapes, this sound is slowly disappearing from Hip-Hop, props to Gotti, Cole & especially Canei for bringing this to the masses. After the disappointment that was Live From Kitchen, I'm glad to see Yo Gotti came back strong with I AM, definitely one of the more slept on albums from 2013.

Willie The Kid - Avalon ft Roc Marciano

Grand Rapids native Willie The Kid links up with New Yorker Roc Marciano for this ill joint from WTK's collaboration project The Living Daylights with Bronze Nazareth, who provides the backdrop for the two lyricist to work over. Interesting choice of a sample to say the least, easily one of the most recognizable in Hip-Hop. Be sure to cop Willie & Bronze's The Living Daylights when it drops February 11th.