Sunday, May 11, 2014

rMell - SPBM

The dynamic duo of Grammy Family's rMell and Matt McGhee have done it once again. It's almost becoming redundant to speak on, which is why I initially threw this up on the blog with no write up...well that and a little bit of laziness. However, I chose to write my wrong and try to give this joint its proper due.

"SPBM" which stands for Something Produced By Matt, who again is highly underrated in that category, dude can spit but lets start to give him his credit for his production skills. As for rMell, ever since GramFam's 25 I've found myself continuously impressed with his rhymes, he has come along way from the dude who once said "Oh you mad cuz I'm styling on you? Zip it. If you feeling froggy, go ahead ribbit" and the other corny punchlines which I criticized him for in the past. With the rate he is evolving, I just might have to make a part two of my The Evolution of rMell article and I'm no fool but I am definitely ready to hear his "catalog of new shit".