Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kasey Jones - WYB ft Al Hostile

Kasey Jones is one of those rare artist in which I know nothing about but still somehow manage to capture my attention and get a post out of me. I first came across Jones on Matt McGhee's "Dark" he handled the hook on the song but I didn't think he was an rapper but just a friend of Matt or Al. Fast forward a few weeks later 3rdiiiUth's Al Hostile got me hip (which he has done a lot of recently, might have to let him be the new Drop God lol) to a collab joint he had with Kasey called "WYB (Where You Been?)".

The duo of Kasey and Al aka HostileTurtle (Kasey being the Turtle Gawd) surprised me with how well the two sounded over some ill Baze Knox production, they definitely have good track chemistry. It however was Kasey who impressed me the most seeing as I didn't even realize he rapped, to finding out he is pretty damn good at it. Al on the other hand continues his streak of excellent guest verses and slowly but surely is becoming one of my favorites from the DMV area. Mayor Whop Mike of Doom and Steezy Uglies Grizzlies make cameo appearances both drawing inspiration from Puff Daddy, with Mike providing ad-libs and Steezy talking that shit on the intro. All in all a great first impression, I'll be keeping my eye on Kasey Jones from now on and hopefully the young rapper can keep up the good work.

Sidenote: I actually just remembered in writing this that I first heard Kasey on "YAMS" from Al Hostile's The Finer Thangz. Forgive me Turtle Gawd, you'll soon realize I ain't shit...