Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ciscero - Never Make It ft SIR E.U

Maryland spitters Ciscero and SIR E.U come together to give you some knowledge and if you don't heed their advice it's a chance you'll "Never Make It", the pair drop multiple gems throughout their respective verses and the hook/message of the track is something that I'm positive would make the Based God proud. Cis' latest is reminiscent of his 2013 single "All I Need Is Soul", production wise at least, mainly due in part to producer Subdaio (of "Cocaine Castle" fame) who employs a spaced out druggy feel in his production often. That being said no word on when/if we'll hear Cis' Kids Wear Crowns anytime soon, according to his Twitter and I quote "Ain't no album get out." as long as we keep getting great tracks like these in the meantime I'm cool with however long it takes homie to perfect his album. You can't rush greatness as they say...

No Detox though, okay Cis? Anything but that...maaaybe a NEOGEO? Even then...actually...yeah think more NEOGEO less WolfMell that's a safe bet lol.