Thursday, July 17, 2014

Matt McGhee - Dark ft Al Hostile & Kasey Jones

Over brooding and ominous production from JohnnyJon who brilliantly flips Portishead's "Mourning AirMatt McGhee attacks the track right off bat with a verse full of warning shots and bravado, sounding more confident than ever. It seems he is slowly but surely getting to a place where he feels Gram Fam and himself are untouchable and that isn't him being cocky but just the assurance that comes with knowing you put your best effort into your craft. Think 07' Wayne or even Drake right now; example. However, to get back to the track 3rdiiiUth's Al Hostile joins in providing his brash energy, spitting one of if not thee best verse I've heard from him and more then delivers for his moment on "screen". Assisting the two on the hook is Kasey Jones with a little help from Matt himself. 

If we're following the TV show theme then the appropriately titled "Dark" would be the mid-season finale with just two more episodes left. Matt has definitely upped the ante for himself with episode three, although every episode has been unique the drastic change in direction made this one stand out even more. We'll see what else the season holds for us in the coming weeks, I just hope Matt doesn't do like the Soprano's series finale and end the shit mid sce...