Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kool Klux Klan - The Real Jim Jones

I've been busy with other shit lately but it was no way I could let this track go unposted, it's been three weeks since its release but Kool Klux Klan's "The Real Jim Jones" has been in constant rotation. With all the current members at seemingly the same level of skill now their work comes off as more polished and focused. Another thing to note is how much fun it has been to hear these guys back together, we've had scattered tracks from some of the Klan on the group's individual projects but it has been a long since we've heard them put out material under the Kool Klux Klan moniker. If their previous effort "Hitmonlee" was the beginning of a new era for the Klan, their latest is the first example in which they truly as the infamous saying goes "ain't nothin' fuck with"...

One thing that I love about the "new" Klan if you will, is that it no longer is easy to guess who had the best verse on the track. If this was say 2011, I would have definitely expected E.U to have bodied this and everyone else follow suit with decent verses as well but nowhere near Hippo's. However, with three years of hard work and improvement under their belts (and a couple of name changes) that scenario is no longer the case. Every member can hold their own now and that wasn't something that you could say in the past, credit goes out to every single one of them for that. That helps the track's (& the inevitable Klan tape) cohesiveness, every verse flows well from one to another and every artist featured has a unique approach to the Obii Say production along with their own flow. 

Even with all this talk about the "new" Klan some of the old staples of the crew remain or in some instances return. Cal Rips leads off the track with his undeniable energy and punchlines, to Hymn's flawless hook who in turn flips seamlessly into his own verse and spits one of if not the best damn verse I've heard from hymn him filled full of his witty wordplay. MoneyFourDrugs' comes through and makes his presence felt with his brooding voice all while flexing his lyrical skill and wrapping it up is the Hippo Gawd himself who surprisingly comes threw with a almost lackadaisical flow and a verse that ironically is not to be slept on. Harking back to the 1032 days, the track ends with a signature Kool Klux Klan humorous tirade on Chad Hugo and bears interacting with bartenders. 

To wrap this up, I often used to wonder how come the Klan didn't put out a collective tape back in the "golden" days but hearing their last efforts I'm kinda glad they didn't. Of course it is bittersweet because of the unfortunate passing of the homie Avion (who would've spazzed on this) but I say I'm glad due to the facts that I brought up earlier. I think when/if we get a Kool Klux Klan project it'll be exactly that, a cohesive collection of tracks that make up the group's various members identities and at the same time represents them as a whole. I look forward to future tracks/projects and hopefully one day hearing a part two to this here. Pleaaaaase?