Sunday, July 13, 2014

Matt McGhee - Premium ft rMell & Ponch Royyel

"Premium" is the latest "episode" in Matt McGhee's SHOW and for it he tabs rMell and CHESS' Poncho Royyel who in turn do great in their respective "scenes". The episode is split into two incredible halves thanks to Panama Red with the later half featuring an uncredited special surprise guest. Overall I would say this is the best episode of the season so far and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one and the rest of the series.

I have to admit I was initially confused by the whole show/episode theme due to a lack of visuals but with Matt previewing this track with a video it all made more sense. Credit to him and Gram Fam for always coming up with creative roll outs for their songs, videos, projects etc. even going as far as to change or create a website around whatever their promoting, instead of the same ol' "Yo at midnight I'ma spam a link on Twitter" that most of these indie artists do. I'm actually surprised a lot of their peers haven't adopted or at least attempted to try and do something similar. It not only draws up more interest but it also more professional and is less annoying then posting a link but hey I'ma let you silly niggas cook.

Lastly, Matt decided to let the fans choose what the next joint would be and it seems like a track entitled "Dark" won so be on the look out for that and the "La Familia" montage footage soon.

Sidenote: this dude Matt mixed/mastered the shit outta of this track...and the streak is still alive. Props.