Friday, August 31, 2012

Surp - Monday

New York spitter Surp is quickly becoming one of my favorite rappers and tracks like "Monday" are why, once again Surp's wordplay and flow impress. Check out the rest of his music over at his SoundCloud and be on the look out for his upcoming project FOR THE LOVE OF SOUND

[Video] Nas - Bye Baby

Another excellent video from Nas, "Bye Baby" tells the story of he and Kelis' marriage and divorce. The video features Nas reminiscing about Kelis and the good and bad times they had and at the end walking away from it all figuratively and literally. Life Is Good in stores now.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt.1 (Cover Art & Tracklist)

What you see above is the cover art for Lupe Fiasco's F&L 2. Yup. That's it. Anyway the tracklist is definitely more interesting. Still waiting for Form Follows Function, Lupe said "ain't no rapper fucking with that" and I believe him. Until then just patiently await Food & Liquor II's September 25th release date. Tracklist after the jump.

[Album] SpaceGhostPurrp - Mysterious Phonk: The Instrumentals

With his 4AD debut album Mysterious Phonk released, SGP decides to release the instrumentals featured on the album for your listening pleasure. Enjoy

[Video] MellowHype - La Bonita

The MellowHype crew released visuals for "La Bonita" the first single from their upcoming Numbers album. I don't particularly dislike this song it just doesn't have that MH feel to me. Let's hope we'll get more singles from Numbers as the October 9th release date approaches.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Mixtape Review] A$AP Mob - Lord$ Never Worry

Last night something "crazy" happened. The long awaited, highly anticipated A$AP Mob tape Lord$ Never Worry was finally released. Servers crashed, and tons of fans went rabid because of that I decided to hold off on posting the mixtape until I actually listened to it, unlike most blogs. I wanted to give an honest opinion on the project and defuse some of the hype.


SIR E.U dropped visuals for the melancholy "TRIPPO" from his project H I P P O P O T A M U S. Presented by 7VN Bunch and directed by fellow Kool Klux Klan member Chick Gaynor. E.U's next project 3000% Black Excellence drops on September 4th.

[Video] Lupe Fiasco Talks Kendrick Lamar Collab, Occupy Wall Street, F&L II, All City Chess Club & CRS And Retirement

[Video] Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era Pitchfork Selector Freestyle

Joey Bada$$ and the rest of the Pro Era crew chat it up with Pitchfork's Eavvon O'Neal about producing and than precede to spit some ill rhymes. This has to be Top 5 Selectors of all time, not one thing is bad about it, except Eavvon's new Miguel style haircut.

Thurz - Are You Not ft Johnny Polygon

New track from Thurz entitled "Are You Not" from his upcoming 517 W Queen Tape. Over a smooth laid back beat featuring live instruments, Thurz simply wants to know "Are you not...entertained?" Well?

[Video] Danny Brown x Livin' Proof: Live In London

Livin' Proof recently invited Danny Brown to perform for his first ever UK performance. Footage includes Danny listening to beats, cameos from UK producers Hudson Mohawke and Darq E Freaker and of course Danny performing.

[Video] Big Sean - How It Feel

B.I.G. Sean Don let's loose a short visual for his track "How It Feel" from his upcoming mixtape Detroit. You can hear the rest of the track on the mixtape, seems like Sean is going for a Motown feel it would only be right to do so. Detroit is currently set to be released on September 5th.

Skeme - Kidz With Gunz ft ScHoolBoy Q

California rappers Skeme and ScHoolBoy Q link up for one hell of a banger in "Kidz With Gunz" both absolutely spazz over the duration of the track with the production being provided by THC. Skeme has been relatively quite but this is definitely a nice welcome back. 

MellowHype - Numbers (Cover & Tracklist)

Hodgy recently took to Twitter to announce that Numbers has a new release date October 9th and he also, revealed the tracklist for it. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cal Rips - Fuck These Rap Niggas

Cal Rips spits some of his best and airs out these rap niggas. The Kool Klux Klan tape drops on none other than 10/32. You have been warned. 

Mike of Doom - Yerp

Mike of Doom released "Yerp" the first official single form his upcoming trap tape The Mane. The best way to describe this joint would be with Doom's own words "Combination Q-Tip and Pimp C. Conscious mind, til I mix that loud pack with that Hennessy" or with another creation of Doom's Progressive Trap. Either way it's dope. Expect The Mane to drop on August 31st. YAHH!

Monday, August 27, 2012

DJ Scream - Cassette Deck ft Rick Ross, Bun B & Slim Thug

"Cassette Deck" the first single from DJ Scream's upcoming album Long Live The Hustle due out November 20th. Scream grabs some of the South's best emcees in Rick Ross, Bun B and Slim Thug produced by Harry Fraud, a smooth soulful track with those signature horns that we've come to expect from Mr.Fraud. Props to Scream for letting the music speak instead of himself unlike what so many other DJs Khaled Drama seem to do. 

[Video] The-Dream - Dope Chick ft Pusha T

The-Dream's latest radio cut "Dope Chick" gets a toned video and title to make it more radio/tv friendly. It's good to hear dude making music again, no word on if he'll ever put out that fourth album though.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kool Klux Klan - Chiffwan Linen

Kool Klux Klan members Cal Rips, SIR E.U and DeMarco Taylor link up for "Chiffawn Linen" a smooth posse cut, featuring some classical production from The SNB's Rashad Stark

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Grammy Family - 25

The Grammy Family collective releases their first "group" project 25, featuring three individual tracks from each members upcoming solo projects. rMellMatt McGhee, and Miles Meraki are shaping up to be one hell of a crew. Production credits to rMell, mattVISTA and Murderface Baze. Be sure to look for each members solo tapes dropping sometime this year rMell with NEOGEO, Matt with AWARD and Miles' Perfect. Also, the inevitable Grammy Family project. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SIR E.U THE GREAT - 63 Hunna

King Hippo came through with those godly flows backed by a ill Plue StarFox beat. E.U recently announced his next project 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE will drop September 4th.

Nitty Scott, MC - Flower Child ft Kendrick Lamar

Something new from the insightful rhymer Nitty Scott, MC "Flower Child" featuring Compton's Kendrick Lamar. Over a smooth soothing beat produced by Paul Boogie, Nitty spits some of the best I've heard from her. Kendrick handles the hook and drops a short guest verse that doesn't disappoint. I think this my be may favorite record of the year so far. Be sure to support and cop The Boombox Diaries when it drops on iTunes August 28th. S/O EHH.


The duo known as JJ DOOM release a video for their collaborative effort "GUV'NOR" from their KEYS TO THE KUFFS project. The screen splitting visuals, directed by Ninian Doff, feature DOOM spitting rhymes in a empty parking garage, maybe even as a parody to the Mercy video. A Regular Show sample appears around the end of the track too.

Nomad - Liquid Lover Lova'

Another Thursday, another new Nomad track in preparation for upcoming project Nocebo. This time around the Vagabond spitter gets a little trippy and experimental with the production, featuring a groovy sample from Kevin Michael's "Liquid Lava Love" stepping outside his norm but making it work none the less. No word on where this will end up yet. Expect to see and hear a lot more from Nomad on Digital Drop, with Nocebo dropping on September 20th and my interview with him shortly after. S/O Dave for the artwork. #TWASBWHH

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Video] Lupe Fiasco - Bitch Bad

Lupe Fiasco premiered the video for "Bitch Bad" earlier today during MTV's Rap Fix. I enjoyed this quite a bit, he had a message he wanted to get across with this record and the video only helped to better capture and express that.

[Video] Cal Rips - White Boy

Cal Rips released the visuals for his heartfelt tribute tune to his late brother and emcee Christopher "Avionadramida" Scott. Long Live The Dramidan. AV10324VR. 

[Video] A$AP Rocky Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Peformance

Rocky made his television debut last night on Jimmy Fallon peforming his single "Goldie" backed by The Roots. Love the guitar.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Video] A$AP Ferg - Work

With the A$AP Mob's Lord$ Never Worry dropping in less than a week, Ferg releases visuals for his banger "Work". Follow Fergenstein through his neighborhood as he and the Mob flex in the streets of New York. Cameo appearance from female emcee Kilo Kish. Lord$ Never Worry due out August 28th.

rMell - Vixen ft Miles Meraki

rMell finally blessed us with the full version of "Vixen" a few days ago and grabbed fellow Grammy Family member Miles Meraki for a verse. So far Grammy Family has yet to disappoint, be sure to check out the collective's upcoming project 25 which will release on August 25th. 25 will feature three individual tracks from members rMell, Matt McGhee and Miles Meraki and serve as an introduction to their sound. 

Fiend - Wonderful ft Curren$y

Fiend links up with Curren$y for "Wonderful", produced by RJ2 this that smooth laid back sound that International Jones has become known for.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Frank Ocean - Bend Ya ft Kendrick Lamar & Shawn Chrystpoher

Seemingly out of nowhere we get the long awaited Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar collab "Bend Ya", Kendrick handles the first verse while Frank sings the hook and than after that it gets a little trippy once Shawn Chrystopher comes in. Let's hope there is more tracks between the two because this definitely isn't what I expected when it was annouced that K-Dot and Frank were working together. Spotted over at TheTapeDeck.

[Review] Motorcity M.A.Z. - Cruise Control

Local Detroit artist Motorcity M.A.Z. recently sent me his solo debut LP Cruise Control, I was surprised because I don't normally get submissions from my hometown ironically, none the less I decided to give the project a listen. One thing I can say about M.A.Z is that he's definitely not what I expected. I thought I was going to listen to a long drawn out mixtape about being from Detroit, how it's hard to be from Detroit and other typical subjects like cars, money and women that seems to thrive in Detroit rap. 

M.A.Z. finds a good way to diverse his subject matter, yet still maintain that Detroit feel and even manage to speak on Detroit and street life but in a genuine manner. From a lyrical standpoint M.A.Z. does not disappoint, over the 14 track project M.A.Z. spits some of the best I've heard from a Detroit artist. His style and sound is similar to another local artist DeeDotMillz, who also happens to be one of the city's best up and coming artist.

There were only two things that "disappointed" me, one being M.A.Z.'s flow at times he can come off monotone and void of any emotion but it doesn't happen enough to bore down the project. The second thing is the singing featured on the project. Although the other features on the tape are dope. Specifically CrackKillz who spits a dope guest verse on "Deeper" and Stefon Lyon who absolutely spazzes.

All together Cruise Control is a good debut project from Motorcity M.A.Z., who with a little time and experience, could become one of Detroit's best on the indie scene. 

Overall: 7.5/10

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Robb Bank$ - Refined

South Florida based rapper Robb Bank$ has quietly been making a name for himself since dropping his mixtape Calenders back in February. He has been busy this week after dropping some visuals for "Fine$t", he's back with a new track "Refined" which as he states "Is not the single...just something to end everything with a question mark after it". Regardless of that it's definitely one of the best tracks he has ever put out, also one of the longest at seven minutes, although the excellent production from Nari and SpaceGhostPurrp keep it from being monotone. Year Of The $avage coming soon.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kendrick Lamar - Westside, Right On Time ft Young Jeezy

For the final track in the #TDEFamAppreciationWeek Kendrick Lamar grabs Young Jeezy for this hood anthem "Westside, Right On Time". Proud to be from the West! 

Nomad - Field Of Vision

Another ill tune from Nomad that won't make Nocebo, over Plue Starfox a.k.a. Luve Proper's "JetCruiserHD" from his LuveDisc project. So far Nomad continues his streak of dope tracks every Thursday. Be sure to peep his sophomore project Nocebo when it drops September 20th, which will be presented by Digital Drop. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

ScHoolBoy Q - Party

The latest track in the #TDEFamAppreciationWeek from the Black Hippy crew, "Party" from ScHoolBoy Q. It's definitely the weakest release so far and is nowhere near to being one of Q's best. With Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Q dropping their respective tracks, the only TDE member left is Kendrick Lamar who will no doubt release a impressive track.

Ab-Soul - Nibiru

Ab-Soul dropped "Nibiru" yesterday as apart of the ongoing #TDEFamApreciationWeek, it's another crazy joint from Soulo. It'll take multiple listens to fully catch everything, although it does remind me of Lupe's new track "Lamborghini Angels" based on the fact that both have "controversial" topics and also the fact that both songs feature recycled hooks from previous tracks. I would love to see a Lupe x Soul joint in the future, I can't even begin to imagine how ill that would be. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jay Rock - YOLA

As apart of the recently announced TDE Fam's appreciate week, Jay Rock lets loose a banger "YOLA" produced by Dave Free of Digi+Phonics. Be sure to look for the rest of the Black Hippy crew respective tracks to drop later this week.

Lupe Fiasco - Lamborghini Angels

"Lamborghini Angels" is the latest single from F&L 2, with a hook from Lupe's Angels remix, Lu spits some truth about various religious topics. It's good to see Lupe back on his concept tip. Food & Liquor  II: The Great American Rap Album due out September 25th.

[Video] A$AP Rocky - Purple Kisses

A$AP Rocky drops some self-directed visuals for his the latest track from the A$AP Mob album Lord$ Never Worry, as usual with A$AP videos you can expect it to be full of naked women, gold, drinks and drugs. Lord$ Never Worry due out August 28th.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

[Album Review] CRASHprez - CRASHvillainy

As "Safe Deposit" plays in the background, I begin this review. First of all let me start by saying that I really don't like "remix" projects. The reason for that being because a lot of the time the artist remixing tries to hard to reinvent the original or sticks to close to the original. Although with CRASHprez and his CRASHvillainy project, a remix of Madvillian's Madvillainy, this does not occur.

One of the main reasons why this project is so great is because CRASH seems to realize that. CRASH keeps his style and merges it with Madlib's instrumentals. This is some of the best spitting I've heard from him and is definitely my favorite project from him yet. You can definitely feel the effort CRASH put into this project from the verses to even remixing the audio clips replacing DOOM's with his own. I felt that was a nice touch and made the project even more of a true remix. 

Even with CRASH spitting solo for most of the 22 track project, when a feature did occur it was always dope. Defcee, Chick Gaynor and SIR E.U all do well and showcase their respective skills. With the latter getting his own track and making his "father" more than proud. 

I want to end this review by saying that, all artist who plan to do a remix of a classic Hip-Hop project should study this. Not only did CRASH find a way to pay homage to the original, he found a way to keep his own style in the process and not cop out by copying DOOM's. It is because of that, that CRASHvillainy comes off more as true remix than just an ode to Madvillainy. 

Chick Gaynor - Alexa Chung

Chick Gaynor a.k.a. Thug Flutie is back with some heat, with his latest track "Alexa Chung" produced by rMell. Seems like Chick had fun with this one. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nomad - Shinola!

One of the DMV's finest emcees, Nomad releases the second single "Shinola!" from his upcoming project Nocebo, I've been sitting on this record for awhile waiting to drop it. My personal favorite track that I've heard off of Nocebo so far. Anyway be sure to support the homie and look out for Nocebo to drop September 20th.

[Video] Ab-Soul - Black Lip Bastard (Black Hippy Remix)

New visuals from Soulo for "Black Lip Bastard" off his latest project Control System

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Toronto group THEKNOBODIES released their fist single "3M" off their LOOSELEAFASSIGNMENT mixtape. Be sure to look out for their upcoming project MNDBTTLNG

[Video] Talib Kweli - Push Thru ft Curren$y & Kendrick Lamar

Talib Kweli releases the video for "Push Thru", nothing special about it except the music and in the end that's all that matters. I wouldn't mind hearing more records from the trio in the future. Kweli's Attack The Block! mixtape coming soon.

[Video] MadGibbs (Madlib & Freddie Gibbs) - Shame ft BJ The Chicago Kid

The duo known as MadGibbs release visuals for their collaborative EP Shame, just as they did with their previous effort Thuggin'. Cameos from the beautiful Tennille and BJ The Chicago Kid. Be sure to cop and look for their album to drop sometime later this year.

Asher Roth - The World Is Never Enough

Asher Roth is back with "The World Is Never Enough", the latest entry in his #AshWednesdays series. Ash spits over a smooth sample of Charles Bradley's "The World (Is Going Up In Flames)" and spreads some positivity that is much needed now-a-days. No word on when his sophomore album will drop.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A$AP Rocky - Pussy Money Weed

The latest track from A$AP Rocky "Pussy Money Weed", no need to tell you what's it about, it is pretty dope though. It's good to hear some new Rocky who has relatively quite on the solo side since dropping "Goldie" the first single from his upcoming album Live.Love.A$AP. No word on were this will end up. Tagged up by DJ Clue for now, although it's not as bad as you'd think. Look for the A$AP Mob and Rocky's album to drop this September.

Mookie Jones - DANK

A smooth cut from Houston's own Mookie Jones called "Dank" which is definitely influenced by that slow trill sound his hometown is known for. Jones' MACK project drops August 18th, completely produced by DJ Burn One and Cardo. Spotted at OnSmash.

[Video] Lil B - Obama BasedGod

I haven't been up on the latest Lil B in a while, simply too much music from the BasedGod, but my homie put me up on the title track from his latest mixtape Obama BasedGod. Best song I've heard from him in a long time. Protect Lil B at all cost.

Friday, August 3, 2012

[Video] Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank)

Kendrick Lamar releases the visuals for his latest single from his good kid, m.A.A.d city album, which is due out October 2nd. Be sure to tune into BET to see K-Dot premiere the video around 6pm.

Can we get that video for "The Recipe" though? There is a video and it isn't anything special. Concert footage.

Mike of Doom - Blues ft SIR E.U THE GREAT & 431

Mike of Doom dropped this groovy joint yesterday featuring two of the DMV's best spitters 431 & SIR E.U. Look for Mike to release a mixtape and his album Dreamium Supremium later this year.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A$AP Rocky & ScHoolBoy Q: Back & Forth Interview

With the last couple of Noisey back & forth interviews being a bit boring to say the least. Noisey grabs A$AP Rocky one half of the now legendary first back & forth and another one of his good friends ScHoolBoy Q. The two discusses their upcoming tour, women, Rocky fighting and make fun of mutual friend Danny Brown. Hilarious.

[Video] CRASHprez - Safe Deposit

Directed by mattVISTA

CRASHprez is back with the second single "Safe Deposit" a remix of "Money Folder" from his upcoming project CRASHvillainy due out August 7th. Along with releasing the single, CRASH dropped some dope visuals to go along with it as well. Super market raps are always awesome. Watch for a few subliminals through out the video both good and bad.

Available for stream and download here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[EP] Domo Genesis x The Alchemist - No Idols

Download: No Idols

Odd Future's Domo Genesis finally dropped his highly anticipated project No Idols with The Alchemist. Features include Earl Sweatshirt, SpaceGhostPurrp, Prodigy, Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, Smoke DZA, and fellow OF member Tyler, The Creator.