Friday, September 28, 2012

Digital Drop Presents: The Rap Up With Nomad

A week after the release of his sophomore project Nocebo, Digital Drop chats it up with DMV artist Nomad. We talk Nocebo, his previous projects, his group Unsung, his career and more. Check it out.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kendrick Lamar - Art of Peer Pressure

New leak from Kendrick Lamar called "Art of Peer Pressure", no word on if this will appear on his debut good kid, m.A.A.d city although judging by the subject matter of the track I can only assume it will as it follows the theme of GKMC. Either way will find out next month on the 22nd of October when good kid, m.A.A.d city finally drops. Spotted at TheTapeDeck.

[Mixtape] Willie Jetts - Parachutes

DMV rapper Willie Jetts dropped a project Parachutes a few weeks ago and I had been meaning to listen to it since than but haven't had the time. That is until Willie hit me up and asked if I would check it out and it actually shocked me that he would reach out after our previous encounter which was unprofessional to say the least. I decided to let the past be the past and give the project a listen and come with an open mind.

One thing I can say is that Willie is definitely talented. Parachutes is a good project that suffers from one thing, it is way too long. Comprised of 17 tracks and a time duration of a little under a hour is a long time to hold someone's attention. Unfortunately by the tenth track or so it all becomes a bit mundane. That's not to say the tracks themselves weren't good it's just that Willie doesn't do enough to differ his lyrics or production to hold the listeners attention. 

However, on a good note Willie does impress with his lyrics, and that is what really makes Parachutes. I had no problem with the production featured on the tape, every beat for the most part was enjoyable. The features are 'hit or miss' with most of them being out rapped by Willie aside from a few. Parachutes is a very solid tape, that I think would have been more impressionable if it was slimmed down to 10 or 12 tracks, other than that I enjoyed it. Willie Jetts definitely has potential and talent and I expect that his next project will be his best. Hopefully Willie can take what he did well on Parachutes and build upon that to create an even better tape in the future.

[Mixtape] Cal Rips - Chemical X

Cal Rips dropped a new tape Chemical X out of nowhere I didn't even know about the project until yesterday, that being said it definitely was a pleasant surprise. Over the past few weeks Cal has been making noise mostly by dropping tracks and his guest appearances on SIR E.U's "The Claw" and Mike of Doom's "Great Success". Cal not only impresses but manages to steal the spotlight on a few of the tracks. All that transitioned into Chemical X, which is his best effort yet in my opinion. 

One thing that is noticeable about Chemical X is that it is a more happy record and what I mean by that is compared to Cal's previous project #ThumbsUp which featured a very somber sound, Chemical X will have you nodding your head to the beat and even laughing at some points. It makes for a more enjoyable listen and holds you attention for the duration of the project. In fact "Devil's Cake" is the only track that you could say is more of a traditional Cal track, with its slow and steady beat, it stands apart from the rest of the tape and becomes a highlight track. Overall Chemical X is a great tape from Cal Rips who himself seems to improve his sound with each project and continues to impress me. Props to Cal for that.

Download or stream below.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

rMell - DRIVE

rMell is back with his next single "DRIVE" from his upcoming project NEOGEO. As with the previous single "Bimbotand", rMell shines with the production but what really impresses is his skills on the mic which continue to improve. All-around a great track from rMell, NEOGEO coming soon. Believe.

[Mixtape] Freddie Gibbs - Baby Face Killa

Freddie Gibbs finally releases his highly anticipated mixtape Baby Face Killa with DJ Drama. Features include Dom Kennedy, Curren$y, SpaceGhostPurrp, and his CTE label head Young Jeezy plus more.

Download or stream below.


Cal Rips and SIR E.U known collectively as RIPPODRAMINATI come together again to give you "The Formula" just like their past classics "Goodfellas II " and "The Claw" the two rip the track something vicious. It would be dope to see a project from the two in the future til than be sure to cop Cal's Chemical X dropping today at 10:32.

Frank Ocean - Blue Whale

Frank Ocean dropped a new track "Blue Whale" on his Tumblr last night, the track features Frankie rapping and some space is left on the track so who knows if someone will be joining in on the track. The quality is rough but that's the only downside of the track and hopefully a CDQ version will drop soon.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lupe Fiasco: Friend of the People or Enemy of the State?

If you happened to be up late around 2AM and follow Digital Drop on Twitter (do that if you don't...seriously) you saw that I sent out a series of tweets rather a rant about Hip-Hop fans. It was all inspired by a retweet I saw on my TL and basically the person was saying that Lupe has become nothing more than talk. Confused I went to the person's page to see if that clarified their statement. In which they did and as I read the rest of the tweets, it was nothing more than "Lupe has officially lost his mind. He just speaks, with no message. No one can understand him. He has become some shitty revolutionary and F&L 2 is just a bland album because of that." I immediately was confused because I couldn't understand how the person in question didn't see this coming or yet saw it already happen. This than inspired another rant about Lupe's fans.

I'll get back to Lupe in a second but I just want to speak on Hip-Hop fans in general. We're a stubborn group, probably more so than any other genre of music. We've become accustomed to a sense of tradition and if anything breaks that mold we become infuriated. We simply don't know how to move on. We're stuck in our old ways. Everything after Tupac and Biggie HAS to be Tupac or Biggie or else it's trash. Every great rapper no matter what type of Hip-Hop they make gets compared to Tupac and Big. Just as every great NBA player no matter what position he plays gets compared to Michael Jordan. We as fans need to learn that it's okay for rappers to be better or worse, or frankly put not Tupac and Biggie. 

That's not the only way Hip-Hop fans are stubborn. When it comes to albums, I think we all can agree that a artist's first album is their most important. Why? Simply because it's the introduction of their "sound" to the world. So when a artist drops a great or even a classic for their first album we tend to hold them in that mold and refuse anything but that. In 1994, Nas dropped Illmatic a album in which many consider classic and by some the greatest Hip-Hop album of all time. So when it came time to drop his second album Nas had a shitload of hype and expectations to live up to. Fast forward two years, Nas released It Was Written and it was seen as a disappointment compared to his previous work. For years Nas lived in the shadow of his first album. Yeah some of his albums were bad or too commercial but even when dope albums such as Stillmatic and Hip-Hop Is Dead dropped years after Illmatic they still were compared to it. Nas' latest album Life Is Good is finally seen as an acceptable follow up for Nas and it has received much love. Why did it take 18 years for Nas to finally get out of Illmatic's shadow? Answer: the fans.

Another classic example of this is poor rapper turnt rich rapper. Say your favorite rapper drops a true classic about the street life and the struggle of being poor. That album goes on to sell millions and overnight his life changes. A couple years and millions later your favorite rapper drops his next album, the album is full of lifestyle rap about money, expensive cars and fine women. Gone is the rapper who previously spitted about the struggle and selling drugs. That same level of lyrical skill is there but the subject matter is different. Now all of a sudden that rapper is seen as "fake" and a "sell out". As a true fan you're honestly telling me that you would rather hear a rich man rap about being poor and selling drugs when he no longer is/does that? If anything that would make him "fake". Why do we as Hip-Hop fans hold on to preconceived notions of these artist?

We need to open our minds and eyes to these changes. It seems as if everyone is surprised when change comes. We tend to forget that these artist are people too, they go through things in life and experience personal growth and change. When Earl Sweatshirt first dropped EARL the internet was taken aback about how a young 16 year old could rap about killing, rape, 666 etc. One thing we all agreed on for the most part was that it somehow was dope and that's because besides all the shock value rap, Earl was genuinely a dope emcee. After being sent away to Samoa and learning about himself, Earl returned two years later at age 18. It was apparent that Earl did some growing up while away. Even revealing in interviews that he no longer can listen to his debut EARL and sometime later tweeting that he won't rap about rape anymore. Just a few minutes after that tweet Earl retweeted a "fan" who said "Stop being a pussy and start rapping about raping bitches you faggot". Why as a fan would you want your favorite artist to rap about something he no longer wanted to rap about? That would mean the passion isn't there for it any longer. Just another example of us Hip-Hop fans and our inability to let the past go.

To finally get back to Lupe and end this rant editorial (which has become a bit longer than I wanted) no artist is more of a perfect example of Hip-Hop fans gone wrong. Lupe has all three of the elements I previously spoke on, the classic album, change of subject matter and personal growth and change. In 2006, Lupe Fiasco released his debut album Food & Liquor to global acclaim, he had a Jay-Z co-sign and even won a Grammy that year for his single "Daydreamin". His 2008 sophomore album The Cool was again highly praised and even spawned a hit single in "Superstar". That's exactly what Lupe became a superstar, a conscious rapper with a little radio appeal who was here to revive Hip-Hop after it was declared dead by Nas. That is until Lasers happened.

Lasers was seen as a huge disappointment and Lupe was labeled a sell out, the rapper who vowed never to "Dumb It Down" did. What us as fans forget to realize is that Lupe HAD to make Lasers for Atlantic Records, if not there would be no more Lupe albums. Lupe even openly discussed his dislike for the album and unlike his previous two albums it wasn't tagged as Lupe Fiasco's it was simply Lasers. The most important thing we as fans really seem to forget is that we asked for Lasers, protested for it. Myself included and thousands others signed our names on the online petition to get the album released. We as fans WANTED Lasers. Personally I didn't expect F&L or The Cool Lupe, I was just excited for a new Lupe Fiasco album. The only thing Lasers is guilty of is not being a "true" Lupe Fiasco album. You give that album to a artist such as B.o.B. and it's a career best. It still sold well, had multiple charting singles, it received Grammy nominations including Best Rap Album, a category which featured Watch The Throne and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This all constitutes as a more than successful album but ask any Lupe fan what is Lupe's worst album and they'll answer Lasers. How could an album with so much going for it receive so much hate? Again. The fans. We just couldn't let go of F&L and The Cool, we couldn't understand his label situation and didn't realize that we asked for the album in the first place. 

Hip-Hop fans, no Lupe's fans are his own worst enemy. We won't let him get pass his first two albums, we refuse to listen to his third and when he finally delivers what we want F&L 2 we criticize it. From the day Lupe called "Obama the biggest terrorist" I realized that the old Lu was gone. Something happened in Lupe's life to where his views became radically different from the norm and he wanted to use his music as a lane to express himself. This is why when I heard F&L 2: The Great AMERICAN Rap Album, I already knew what to expect. 

It was going to be Lupe expressing his views on America, and when he released his album cover featuring nothing but black I knew he was trying to make a statement with the album. From the interviews I saw he continuously stated that "This is the music I would want to listen to as a fan, I made this mainly for myself" "The album discusses my views on American culture, some of it's biased some not" and "People aren't gonna like it, I already know". Again Lupe gave us as fans signs and warnings that this wasn't F&L or The Cool, he even admitted that using Food & Liquor was a marketing ploy. He knew us as fans would instantly buy and compare it to the first one, so why not label it as such. Knowledge of all of these things is what lead me to being utterly confused by the tweets I saw last night. How could someone who calls themselves a Lupe fan be so surprised when it came to the actual content of the album? Did they not have access to the internet, watch the interviews or even listen to the singles? Did they not see Lupe expressing his right not to vote on Twitter and the various arguments over American politics and society? No it's none of these, they simply where just being a Hip-Hop fan. Stuck in the past, refusing to let go and move on and accept that just like we as fans do artist change. So I guess the person was only guilty of being a fan, just like me and just like you reading this article. Funny huh? 

[Review] Nomad - Nocebo

If you're a regular of D:D you should know how highly I view Nomad's skills as an emcee. Over the last few months Nomad has been steadily dropping music in preparation for Nocebo. First it was For.Not, a short two track EP that served to hold fans over and to show progression in Nomad's skills as an artist. After that every Thursday a new track from Nocebo was dropped and week after week the tracks got better.

With that being said my excitement for Nocebo grew with each released track. I felt like For.Not was a true example of what Nocebo would be but I was mistaken. It's definitely not and just as Nomad told me himself " For.Not. can't touch Nocebo in any way shape or form...these are throw aways" I thought he was hyping it up at the time but the man didn't lie.

From the very moment I began to listen to Nocebo I could already tell I was going to go on a musical journey. Beginning with "NoPreFace" as the beat builds Nomad calmly spits "Relax ya self. Let yo conscious free. You're now rocking to the sounds of the N.O.M.A.D." and what follows is a short verse featuring Nomad's sharp flow and clever wordplay. Two things that make up the rest of the tracks featured on the tape.

Besides from Nocebo showcasing Nomad's skills as an emcee it also shows off his skills as a producer. As with all Nomad releases, the production is on point. With Nomad producing much of Nocebo himself aside from three tracks. This however has never been a weak point in Nomad's repertoire with the production featured on Think Again and For.Not, being the highlight more so the former than the latter. Nocebo is a very cohesive listen and for the most part each beat compliments each other rather than out shine.

Another major improvement from Nomad's previous effort Think Again is the subject matter. Think Again was filled with aspiration rap and while Nocebo does feature some aspiration raps here and there, it's very minimum compared to its predecessor. Also, the project being 20 tracks deep helps disperse this problem. Over the course of Nocebo we learn of Nomad not only as an artist but as a person too. Personal stories and verses shared over the project helps you connect to Nomad on a deeper level and even interludes such as "The Invention of Lying" help to expose Nomad's more personal and wittier side.

I want to touch on the features briefly, as with Nomad's other projects features are more of an added bonus than a main commodity. Features include Grammy Family's cool guy rMell who not only spits a guest verse but handles the production on "Try-Angles" and fellow Unsung member Ezel Skylark who appears on standout track "The Drive". If I had to compare the chemistry of Nomad and Ezel it would be that of Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul, who more so are equals in terms of rap skills and tend to compliment each others skill set. Lastly "Won-Up" featuring The Rezon and 431, with each emcee absolutely killing it. The only thing I can say disappointed me was the fact that there was no track featuring Unsung as an whole, the team appears on the interlude "Vignette" but other than that no bars from Eskay, whose featured track "Run-On Thoughts [of Sex]" was an highlight on Think Again.

To wrap this up I want to state that, I already knew Nomad was a mad talented artist. From the very moment I heard his previous project Think Again, he became one of my favorite emcees and I even created a 'Feature of the Month' section on D:D to spread his project. However, as I read reviews from fellow bloggers it seemed as if they could see the potential in Nomad but weren't ready to proclaim him one of the best just yet. With Nocebo I think Nomad proves himself as an artist and whether or not he intended it, I have no idea but he accomplishes just that. So as I stated in the beginning it gives me great pleasure in hosting and presenting Nocebo, a project which I truly believe is one of the best this year but more importantly a example of Nomad's true artistry and dedication to his craft. Enjoy.

Standout Tracks: Try-Angles, Get Familiar, Devil's Pie, The Drive, NoJar, Liquid Lover Lova', Shinola!, Won-Up & Blue Like Jazz.

Overall: 9.5/10

Download and stream below.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Video] Lupe Fiasco Discusses Food & Liquor II Cover & More

Lupe Fiasco recently sat down with MusicFeed.TV while in Australia and discussed his decision to name the album Food & Liquor II, the cover art (troll) and elaborates more on the Great American aspect of the album. Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album due for release September 25th.

Danny Brown - Bruiser Brigade EP

Fool's Gold along with Scion A/V presents Danny Brown Bruiser Brigade, a short four track EP featuring Danny and Dopehead spitting over two tracks produced by SKYWLKR and those two tracks remixed. Heads up the tracks are obviously clean, but check the remixes for some interesting ways of censoring Danny and Dopehead's dirty raps. Check the stream after the jump.

CRASHprez - Blasphemy for Everyone

CRASHprez drops his best and most honest single to date. All I can say is give it a listen, CRASH spits that real over fellow Grammy Family member Miles Meraki production. Also, props to CRASH on landing an opening gig for Lil' B for more information on the show check out CRASH's Tumblr. TYBG!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Video] Curren$y - Jet Life ft Big K.R.I.T. & Wiz Khalifa

Just about everything you've come to expect from Curren$y's videos cars, weed, women, studio footage and dope raps. Wiz appears for his verse but no K.R.I.T.

Monday, September 17, 2012

[Video] Frank Ocean - Pyramids

Frank Ocean drops some trippy visuals for "Pyramids" a standout track from his debut album Channel Orange. The video starts with Frankie in a bar taking shots of Absinthe (if you don't know what that is I suggest you click the link to find out, it'll help you to understand the video more) and than sending some shots of his own. What follows after that is a druggy Absinthe induced trip to the strip club, where as usual with Frank's videos everything isn't what it seems. John Mayer makes a cameo towards the end for his guitar solo too.

[Video] Kilo Kish - Navy

Kilo Kish releases her first official video for "Navy" from her Homeschool EP. The visuals feature Kish and friends enjoying New York nightlife and having fun around the city.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nomad - The Drive ft Ezel Skylark

Nomad and fellow Unsung member Ezel Skylark speak on how people can change all simply because you got a ride. True shit indeed. Nocebo drops September 20th. Check out the tracklist and cover here.

Nomad - Nocebo (Cover Art & Tracklist)

Nomad decided to tweet the tracklist for his upcoming project Nocebo, which Digital Drop will be proudly hosting. Look for the latest track "The Drive" from Nocebo to drop later on today and be sure to support the project when it drops September 20th. Props to Dave on the artwork. 

Steezy Grizzlies - Kogome

Steezy Grizzlies returns to the blogosphere with "Kogome" it's been a while since his last drop GUNDAM but this makes up for the time. It's good to hear some new material from Steezy, it's definitely the first time I've heard Inuyasha referenced in Rap and to make a full track based around it is pretty dope. Props to the young coon for that even if he does hate the show.

Green Hippo (SIR E.U x rMell) - Rumple Stiltskin

The duo of rMell and SIR E.U, collectively known as Green Hippo, have returned with a new track "Rumple Stiltskin". It's been a while since we've heard a Yuck Feah collaboration and this doesn't disappoint. I'm personally still hoping for a project from the two, however only time will tell if that happens. 

Be sure to check out SIR E.U's latest project 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE and rMell's 25.

[Video] A$VP C4 Documentary

Luke Monaghan and Channel 4 of the UK bring you the documentary "A$VP C4" follow Rocky moments before he headlines his first UK show, Yams and Twelvy share A$AP's beginning and more footage of their time in London and of the show.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[Mixtape] A$AP Mob - Purple Lord$ Never Worry

Slim K and OG Ron C come together to present the official C&S version of the A$AP Mob's Lord$ Never Worry. Enjoy. 

Pusha T, Raekwon & Joell Ortiz - Tick Tock

RZA serves up that raw street sound with the next single "Tick Tock" from the upcoming The Man With Iron First OST Pusha, Chef and Ortiz come together and add their own street flavor to the track. 

[Video] Curren$y - Leaving The Dock

New Spitta visuals from his collaborative EP with Harry Fraud Cigarette Boats. There is supposedly going to be a video shot for each of the tracks on Cigarette Boats so stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gary Samurai - Mermaid.

After dropping "Ocean Floor." Gary Samurai continues the aquatic theme with his next single "Mermaid." a very serene and melodic tune. Be sure to look out for Gary's upcoming project Lemuria later this year.

[Video] Danny Brown - Gypped by a Crackhead

Danny Brown stars in a short animated cartoon based on Top Cat about how he got gypphed by a crackhead. Pretty funny story, Danny is a fool though.

Monday, September 10, 2012

SpaceGhostPurrp - STILL STICKIN'

SpaceGhostPurrp dropped "STILL STICKIN'" to preview what the sound would be like on his upcoming Nasa Tape Vol.2, sounds like typical old SGP to me. Anyway Nasa Tape Vol.2 due out this Halloween. 

[EP] Louseph Bruise Em' - LOUSEPHERRINGO Vol. 1 (8-Bit WAVY)

After dropping his last effort TRIP in early April, Louseph Bruise Em' is back with another EP this time featuring some rhymes. LOUSEPHERRINGO is comprised of four short tracks, the first two aren't note worthy aside from the ScHoolBoy Q inspired "BurHday". However, the last two tracks are some of the best I've heard from Lou "A W H O L E" is a amazing instrumental and "Stone Cold STUNNA" is my personal favorite. This tape should serve as just a taste of Louseph's skills as a producer and emcee until his full length project A W H O L E drops this Fall. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mike of Doom - Brad Pitt

Mike of Doom dropped his solo debut The Mane a couple days ago and featured on the tape is the groovy "Brad Pitt", the production on this is godly. It's definitely one of my personal favorites from Mike and be sure to download The Mane too.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Sean, Jay-Z & Kanye West - Clique (prod.Hit-Boy)

Big Sean, Jay-Z and Kanye West unleash their highly anticipated single "Clique" props to Hit-Boy for the ill beat. Stunt rap at its best ladies and gentleman. Cruel Summer drops September 18th.

CurT@!n$ - Ruthless ft ScHoolBoy Q

CurT@!n$ links up with TDE's residential gangster ScHoolBoy Q for "Ruthless". Flipping a classic Biggie line from "Dead Wrong" Q and C take turns spitting about their own ruthlessness.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lupe Fiasco - American Terrorist Pt.2

After his back and forth with Chief Keef, Lupe Fiasco dropped an unfinished version of "American Terrorist Pt.2" with the message "Unfinished...but still fitting..." no word on where this will end up. Lupe's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album in stores September 25th.

[Mixtape] Big Sean - Detroit

Big Sean finally drops his highly anticipated mixtape Detroit, the 17 track project features production from some of the biggest producers in the game and artists such as J.Cole, Young Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar, Mike Posner, Tyga, fellow Detroiter Royce Da 5'9 and more. 

Download and stream below.


From the very start of SIR E.U's 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE you get a feel for how the rest of the project will sound. "Return Of the Buckfoy" begins with his verse from the now legendary "After F",  jumping off that E.U spits new rhymes over some jazzy production. The rest of the tape features a jazz/soul hybrid sound, that fits E.U style perfectly somehow. As with all of his projects it seems, the production is unique to its own. ATGJ!, FXCK, H I P P O P O T A M U S, WOMBO and now 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE none of these sound alike, yet they all share one thing in common and that's SIR E.U. This is more of an testament to E.U's versatility as an artist to be able to create a new sound with each project and still retain his own style.

[Video] A$AP Mob - Bath Salt ft Flatbush ZOMBiES

A$AP Mob and the Flatbush ZOMBiES release some dark gritty visuals to go along with their collaboration "Bath Salt" of the same nature. Check out Digital Drop's review of the A$AP Mob's Lord$ Never Worry and download the tape.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[Video] House Shoes - Sweet ft Danny Brown

A House Shoes and Danny Brown collab was bound to happen sometime and here it is. "Sweet" is a dope track with an rather odd video that features an animated Danny Brown head transforming into various things that you might see while you're on Molly. Maybe that's the point?

PrXnce Hall - Summer Daze

As Summertime begins to near it's end, DMV artist and SNB member PrXnce Hall releases "Summer Daze". I love how the bass comes in during the chorus a nice transition from the laid back sound you hear during the verses. Also, be sure to grab his latest mixtape PARADIGM, it's a pretty dope listen.

Monday, September 3, 2012

SIR E.U THE GREAT x Cal Rips - The Claw

When SIR E.U and Cal Rips come together it's always dope and "The Claw" is no different. E.U does the damn thing and Cal seems to be getting better each time I hear him, especially with these last couple drops. SIR E.U's 3000% Black Excellence drops tomorrow at 10:32.

Tim Stacks - Pimpin' ft SchylerChaise

Tim Stacks and SchylerChaise keep it G on "Pimpin", over an dope sample of the Guardia Forest Theme from Chrono Trigger. Be sure to cop Stack's upcoming project The Beginning when it drops.

[Mixtape] Mike of Doom - The Mane

Months after dropping his last project Of Doom..., Mike of Doom is back with his first solo tape appropriately titled The Mane. More so on this project than the last, we get a taste for Mike's skills as a rapper and he doesn't disappoint. As with his last project, The Mane is strong production-wise mostly due to Jaylen!, Rapper the Producer, Lance Neptune, Plue Starfox and Doom himself. Features include Cal Rips, rMell, fellow OSP members and more. Doom has successfully created a sound unique to his own, somewhere in between Trap and Trip-Hop. Nothing else to say, other than download and enjoy. Trust me you won't be disappointed. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blu - Rap Dope

New tune from the enigmatic Blu called "Rap Dope" it's pretty dope but you've heard better from him. At least it sounds good quality-wise, surprisingly. Speaking of better quality, the mastered version of Blu and Exile's Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them is available now.

Matt McGhee - Why I Don't Drink

Grammy Family's Matt McGhee dropped a new tune yesterday "Why I Don't Drink" featuring some smooth production from Jaylen! Matt speaks on a past relationship that didn't work and the aftermath of that situation. Look for Matt McGhee's AWARD to drop sometime later this year.

rMell - Blue Moon

rMell works his magic and flips Mayer Hawthorne's cover of "Thin Moon" into something quite amazing. NEOGEO coming soon.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

TiRon & Ayomari - Bernie Mac ft Ab-Soul

TiRon and Ayomari joined forces for a good cause in their The Cafeteria Line presents HNGRY project, which is for sale and all the proceeds going to fighting Los Angeles' homeless problem. One of the more stand out tracks from the project "Bernie Mac" features TDE's Ab-Soul who absoulutely (typo and pun intended) destroys the track. 

Mac Miller - PlaneCarBoat ft ScHoolBoy Q

If you follow Ab-Soul or SchoolBoy Q on Instagram you know that they have been hanging around Mac Miller quiet a bit. It's only natural that some tracks would've been recorded, "PlaneCarBoat" is evidence of that. A fairly decent track, I'm sure they have more in the stash and hopefully they're better than this.