Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kasey Jones - Haze (prod. Matt McGhee)

After taking some time off the air Matt McGhee's SHOW is back from hiatus and to welcome you back is the up-and-coming young star Kasey Jones. Now if you're a fan of the series you'll be sure to know that this isn't Mr. Jones first time on the SHOW, he had a supporting role in the previous episode "Dark". However, this time around for "Haze", star Matt McGhee stays behind the scenes and handles the production/direction of the episode while Kasey showcases his full talents for the episodes duration.

The two young stars make for the most exciting duo since Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio's reign over the industry. As Scorsese said himself "The young people today are the 21st century." and who knows what the future holds for Kasey Jones but you can bet he'll soon have everyone's eye. As for Matt, rumors are buzzing that the next episode is the best one yet...guess we'll just have to stay tuned in and hope we don't have to wait as long for episode five as we did with four but if it truly is the best that won't really matter in the end.

CRASHprez - Leave a Note ft David Lopez


Something that, outside of a few, artists can claim to have. If it is one thing that has become apparent in this fast twitch age of social media is that music comes and goes. The "Hot Nigga" of today can easily become the dropped nigga of tomorrow. One of the reasons why Tupac is discussed in today's music scene is because he made timeless music with real weight to it from songs like "Brenda's Got A Baby" to "Dear Mama" to "Keep Ya Head Up" etc. etc. the list goes on. He often spoke on real issues going on in the African-American communities and in the world period. He didn't need to be motivated by the death of a young black teen to call his rap "friends" together to create a tribute track, he went in the studio and lead the charge himself. I'm not even what you would call a Tupac fan but for these reasons and more I have great respect for the man.

Enter Michael Penn II bka CRASHprez, now before you get ahead of yourself, no I'm not saying he is the Tupac of our generation he is however one of the few artists in this day and age of music that can claim to have the word that began this write up. Similar to Tupac, for the two or three years that I've know him, he is always using his music and talent to express his opinions and feelings on social issues. He doesn't need to see a news story for him to speak on the difficulties of America, he does so out of pure nature that just is who he is as a person.

Over the years CRASHprez has refined and tuned his self described Prote$tWaVe style of music and his latest "Leave a Note" just might be his best effort yet, inspired by all the craziness that has been going on lately with the police and African-Americans. CRASH is one of those rare few who can present these issues to you in a musical realm without coming off as preachy or self-righteous, something that today's "conscious" artists struggle with. I won't go into detail on the song itself I'd rather you listen and take away what you will from it. I just want to say, I'm proud to know CRASHprez and of all the things he has/will accomplished.

"Don't be afraid of the darkness"

CRASH's more perfect is scheduled for release by the end of 2014 via CATCH WRECK. In the meantime do be sure to check out his previous project fear itself. with longtime collaborator *hitmayng.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The ILLFIGHTYOU collective provides you with the motivation to "beat up on a bitch and turn her muthafuckin' crib into a stash spot" among other various things, this is arguably the hardest shit you'll hear this year most definitely coming from the Northwest. UGLYFRANK and GLENN head up this one as Khris P sticks to the background and handles the grimy hard hitting production. Be sure to peep Franklin's latest joint "DARTZ" and his BOBBYHILL EP and if you've for some reason still haven't heard ILLFIGHTYOU's self titled debut check that out.

[Video] SIR E.U - Nike boy

It's hard to believe it has been over a year since the ever enigmatic SIR E.U dropped "Nike boy$$$ilovethisbitch" seems like just yesterday I came across the greatness that it is. If you follow this blog you should know how I feel about this track (if not click the damn link in the title) and if perhaps you don't keep up with Digital Drop (kill yourself) I still won't go into detail on how I feel about the song (go click the link I wasn't joking).

Anyway, about two days ago E.U held a screening for the video and preceded to release it at 10:32 the following day for all us non-DMVers. I can honestly say I never expected this track to get a video nor did I think it would be possible for a video to capture the trippy psychedelic feel of the song but director Unkle Luc does exactly that. The best way to describe it would be the terms Luc used himself "Irrational parts to create a rational whole", glitch effects and other visual editing help to capture the eerie and unsettling feel of the track. Props to Luc for doing the seemingly impossible.

I have to say this is one of the best videos I've seen this year especially indie wise. Immediately after viewing it I thought about emailing it to some "major" blogs, as this could be the thing that could help E.U get over that indie blog hump and sure enough it was. I was pleased to see Pigeons & Planes and various other blogs feature the unique visual.

I hope this is just the beginning for one of, if not the hardest working artist I know. No bullshit E.U is one of the few whose discography could rival Wayne's in terms of consistency and output. It has been a long time coming and hopefully this is just the start of him getting the wide scale recognition he deserves. I hope for and expect him to do great things in this world, so seeing the reception to the video was great not only as a fan but more importantly as a friend.

Plus I ain't forgot about my daughters lol...all jokes aside I'm proud to say the least my good friend.

All hail King Hippo...

M A D A G A S C A R releases 10/32 (November 1st, 2014)

Be sure to check out E.U's interview with the good people over at ThankYouForNotSnitching and if you haven't heard DJ J-$crilla's "Unfamiliar Shirts" ft Ras Nebyu, Uno Hype & Da Hippo do that.

Ciscero - Never Make It ft SIR E.U

Maryland spitters Ciscero and SIR E.U come together to give you some knowledge and if you don't heed their advice it's a chance you'll "Never Make It", the pair drop multiple gems throughout their respective verses and the hook/message of the track is something that I'm positive would make the Based God proud. Cis' latest is reminiscent of his 2013 single "All I Need Is Soul", production wise at least, mainly due in part to producer Subdaio (of "Cocaine Castle" fame) who employs a spaced out druggy feel in his production often. That being said no word on when/if we'll hear Cis' Kids Wear Crowns anytime soon, according to his Twitter and I quote "Ain't no album get out." as long as we keep getting great tracks like these in the meantime I'm cool with however long it takes homie to perfect his album. You can't rush greatness as they say...

No Detox though, okay Cis? Anything but that...maaaybe a NEOGEO? Even then...actually...yeah think more NEOGEO less WolfMell that's a safe bet lol.