Sunday, July 13, 2014

[EP] Louseph Bruise Em' - Summa

Summa is the latest EP from the ever enigmatic Louseph Bruise Em' who has a habit of popping up out of nowhere with entire brand new bodies of work after taking small hiatuses (sounds like a certain blogger I know). As with all of Lou's projects that signature sound is there but the core elements and themes always change. Now with a title like Summa you may be thinking this is some cruise around the city, take a trip to the lake and roast marshmallows type of shit but this is Lou we're talking bout here.

The EP is his interpretation of the season and a self described ode to the 80's which if I had to describe it would be as an combination of insomnia and LSD. Composed of five tracks; three instrumentals, one remix (a very awesome one at that) and a track featuring Jodie Riggs. I really enjoyed the whole project but the last track is definitely my favorite by far mainly because I'm such a fan of how Lou spits I wish he would do it more often. Still GSL.

It seems that Lou isn't finished dropping work just yet as he tweeted this out earlier...