Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cal Rips - Auto Pilot ft MoneyFourDrugs & SIR E.U

Goddamn. So much great music has been coming from the Klan lately and this just might be the best yet. "Auto Pilot" serves as the single for Cal Rips' upcoming project Phor You alongside Ripkens are fellow Klansmen MoneyFourDrugs and SIR E.U. This just might be my favorite Cal single of all time, it is definitely up there. All three emcees lyrically pick up right where they left off at on "The Real Jim Jones" spitting top notch verses over some incredible soulful production from the highly underrated Suede Moccasins. I am incredibly hyped to hear the rest of the project, man...September 24th couldn't come any quicker. 

Also check out MoneyFourDrug's "CONFETTI" low quality sound but high quality raps.