Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Digital Drop Presents: The Rap Up With Plue Starfox

Drop: Plue! It's been a looooong time in the making, finally the interview goes down (laughs). What's up fam? (For those who don't know me and Plue have had this interview on hold due to busy schedules and laziness, on both parties, for about a year)

Plue Starfox: Nothing much Drop God, basically getting it how I live (laughs). Making beats and slowly becoming an ill ass rapper (ugh.)

Drop: You rapping now Plue? Was it always producing first or did you want to be a rapper initially?

Plue: I was rapping in my freshman year of high school I sucked major ass and never did it again in public but that whole time in between then and now, I've been refining those rap skills until they become golden. There's a Plue Starfox x High Class Filth Song I'm working on where I rapped on his beat "PREME" I'll make sure Digital Drop gets that first before anyone does (laughs).

Drop: Appreciate that sir. So Plue, I've been wondering where exactly are you from? How did you end up connecting with local artist in the DMV area?

Plue: I am from Wayne Land (ew), I connected with all the local artists in the DMV area through the Kool Klux Klan. I've been making music with them since I started and other locals just gravitated to me . I really want to do a tape with rMell if he's bout that life.

Drop: That's exactly the same with me, shout out to the Klan I guess haha. rMell x Plue sounds awesome. Let's talk your upcoming project Stone Ocean. What can you tell me about it so far? Will it feature any other artist or will it just be all you like LuveDisc?

Plue: Stone Ocean is my rendition of Ski Beatz'  24hr Karate School, I'm just getting my circle of artists I create with, providing them with dope production and making a dope ass album. Stone Ocean will have hella artists on it (laughs). Levi Watson, rMell, SIR E.U. Phil!, Sol, Surp God, Steezy Grizzlies, Rizz Capolatti, Allen Thomas, Muzzy Legault and more.

Drop: That's wassup. How did you decide who you wanted to be on the project?

Plue: All of the artist I chose are artists I've recently worked with or people I've just noticed have mad talent and I think that we would mesh well.

Drop: I want to talk about the name of the project Stone Ocean. How did that come about? It's interesting seeing as those are polar opposites stone and ocean...or could it possibly be a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

Plue: It is an reference to Jojo's Bizzare!!! What you know bout that Drop God?

Drop: Ha, nothing at all to be honest. I've heard about it. I don't read or watch it though tis' the power of Google (laughs). Should I check it out?

Plue: Google that shit man! It is crazy, like it's almost as crazy as Fist of The North Star. Fist of The North Star is borderline insane. Exploding heads urrwhurr (laughs).

Drop: While we're on the subject of anime....will there be any theme Stone Ocean will follow similar to how LuveDisc was heavily anime influenced? 

Plue: Stone Ocean is heavily anime influenced, probably more than LuveDisc, which I thought was impossible. For Stone Ocean, I sampled lots of video games too so I should rephrase that and say its anime/video game influenced.

Drop: I know you've stated that the Luve Proper material is inspired when you go on anime binges, so is there any particular thing that inspires your Plue material?

Plue: My Plue material is influenced by everyday shit I do. Like Luve Proper is an hardcore Otaku version of Plue. Where Plue is a more cool laid back version of the Otaku that is Luve. Luve is more experimental whereas Plue is more Nujabes inspired.

Drop: Ok, I see they're different yet similar in that aspect. When can we expect to hear Stone Ocean? 

Plue: Somewhere in the middle of December. I don't know when it depends on when I get all the right stuff done far as the cover, videos and verses.

Drop: I want to ask you somethings about producing in general. How long have you've been producing? Any particular event in your life or song make you want to start?

Plue: I was in 10th grade during the most boring summer of my life, I decided to start learning how to produce with FL Studio, some of my old beats are still scattered around YouTube but if you find em you'll see how much I've progressed since then.

Drop: When collaborating with rappers, do you just let them choose the beat or do you produce with that certain artist in my mind and cater to their usual sound?

Plue: Sometimes while working on collab tapes I heavily use my style when producing the beats for it. That way it would really be a collab rather than a bunch of beats "rappers name" would rap on but what I usually do is send the artist about 2-4 beats and let them choose which beat they want to use and I take the beats they don't use and place them elsewhere.

Drop: Do you feel producers get enough credit for their talents and what they bring to music?

Plue: Producers actually are getting more credit today in the music industry as opposed to 10-12 years ago. Like no one was putting (prod. by ???) in the titles of their tracks up until a few years ago. So I do think we are getting more recognition because of that, on the other hand we aren't because rappers still forget to give the producers their credit sometimes.

Drop: Anything else you're working on? 

Plue: I am working on collaborative tapes with Levi Watson, Phil!, Muzzy Legault, Gary Samurai and Jowin  and another secret one with a dope artist I've worked with before.

Drop: Hmm...could that secret one be a possible Plue x E.U collab tape? 

Plue: (laughs) That is the secret one that's being worked on but it isn't the super secret classified tape I'm working on, that one is with someone I only have one song with at the moment. Can I get extra ignorant with the shotouts?!? (laughs)

Drop: I knew it! You already beat me to the last question haha. Do you then...

Plue: S/O to the girl with the curly hair ( @OGlegs) go follow her. MDNK Academy. Tia with her surp sipping ass. SHOTOGang. Grammy Family, GramFamGang. Kool Klux. XXGRAND. Shikinley with the ass. Nightmare Sensei. Diles$ Mavis. Reggie the Anime God. @ArtSoulLife. Agent K. Nino Lewis & The Tru Hippies. The hashin. Youngin man. Hippie$olo Alexandrea Moraga. Perfect Cell aka DOOM JR. AKA SIR EU THE GREAT AKA HIPPOGODAMUS. My nigga Yamcha for being the most useless character in Dragon Ball Z! Digital Drop and the Drop God for giving me this dope ass interview. Peace. Stay +