Monday, November 26, 2012

The Evolution of rMell

For the last two years that I've known the man, rMell has been working on this huge project. Even though it went under different names and forms it eventually became to be known as NEOGEO. I'll admit there were times when I didn't think this project was coming out but the day for NEOGEO and rMell has finally come. As I write this, less than one hour away from the release of NEOGEO, I couldn't help but think throughout the day about all of rMell's music in general. So I decided to gather some of his work for those who need a reminder or even for those who haven't heard of him yet. 

From the first time I heard him and E.U on Tumblr and their Yuck Feah Fridays series I was a fan. rMell has continually improved with each release and always impresses me with the progression he makes. With his EP Hipsters & Hypebeasts he showed that he could do it solo after dropping Yuck Feah and Kazuya Chronicles with E.U and Avion respectively. FRECKLES was a improvement on the formula that he displayed on H&H. Even though limited, rMell's Grammy Family material is some of his best and at least in my opinion, when his rap skills started to finally reach and even outshine at times his producing skills. He became a true artist. From the few tracks that I've heard from NEOGEO, I can honestly say there isn't a genre I could put it in or anything I could compare it too. It's in a league of it's own. I'm sure NEOGEO will be worth the wait and the best project rMell has made to this date. I look forward to hearing it and seeing what rMell does in the future. 

One question though. Now that we finally got NEOGEO, where's WolfMell?

Yuck Feah Fridays

Hipsters & Hypebeasts EP


Grammy Family