Monday, November 12, 2012

[Mixtape] Aceology - Red Eye Poetry: Adventures of $uburbia's Finest

Red Eye Poetry from Aceology is easily one of the dopest projects to drop this year. One of the main reasons why is because Ace maintains his sound, more of a Trill Wave and Trap hybrid, than just Trill Wave without coming across as another A$AP/SGP clone. I actually preferred when Ace strayed away from that typical sound to experiment a little bit. "Nigga Like Me" is the perfect example of this, Ace flows over a minimalistic beat backed by soulful horns, a few soft claps and a excellent guest verse from Mike of Doom. Another track that I felt stood out was "RN$" which featured a spacey sound, some assistance from a unknown female and a very infectious hook.

REP also stands out mainly due to the production of the project, each track has it's own individual sound and I can't say that any particular beat disappointed me. That aspect also helps to serve to hold your interest over the lengthy 18 track project (all though two of the tracks are bonuses) and keep your head nodding, to the at times hypnotic sound. It's almost as you're under the influence of a drug while listening. Very trippy shit.

As a fan of Trill Wave, I particularly enjoyed REP a lot, for the average rap fan the slurred and distorted vocals and tripped out production might be off putting. Although I would recommend you listen even if you despise A$AP/SGP or Trill Wave all together. Mainly because Aceology does such a well job at sticking to the genres roots and still creating his own unique sound which is something very hard to do these days. I can guarantee that you've never heard anything like Red Eye Poetry and Ace should be saluted for that. 

Standout Tracks: Nigga Like Me, RN$, Mxdnxght Cruxze, Zues and Chinchilla Warfare 

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