Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[EP] CRASHprez - I Hate All You Rap Niggas: A Thesis

Future Pre(z)sident of The United States CRASHprez dropped his latest work I Hate All You Rap Niggas: A Thesis seemingly out of nowhere. CRASH sent me the intro to the project late last night "Thesis Statement" which in my opinion is one of his best joints yet. The EP itself is a more than enjoyable listen, CRASH is one of the few rappers who finds a way to entice the listener and hold their attention while always rapping about something you should care about (à la Kendrick Lamar). Other tracks such as the dark but necessary "Blasphemy For Everyone" and the hilariously "Finna Go Mainstream" make IHAYRN one of the unique joints to drop this year. Definitely a nice follow up to his last project CRASHvillainy and a better example of CRASH's true skills as an artist. Congrats to CRASH for dropping two great projects in the same year. 

Stream below or download