Wednesday, September 5, 2012


From the very start of SIR E.U's 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE you get a feel for how the rest of the project will sound. "Return Of the Buckfoy" begins with his verse from the now legendary "After F",  jumping off that E.U spits new rhymes over some jazzy production. The rest of the tape features a jazz/soul hybrid sound, that fits E.U style perfectly somehow. As with all of his projects it seems, the production is unique to its own. ATGJ!, FXCK, H I P P O P O T A M U S, WOMBO and now 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE none of these sound alike, yet they all share one thing in common and that's SIR E.U. This is more of an testament to E.U's versatility as an artist to be able to create a new sound with each project and still retain his own style.

As to be expected with the King Hippo, the lyrical content is top-notch and E.U's free-associative style shines throughout the tape. E.U is solo for most of the tape aside from fellow Kool Klux Klan members Kendall Elijah and Cal Rips appearing on "Frickassee" and "THE CLAW" respectively. It's very similar to how WOMBO was short of features besides the late Avion. This tape is pure E.U for the most part and that isn't a bad thing at all.

From start to finish 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE is a enjoyable listen and another notch in SIR E.U's belt. E.U has yet to disappoint and I doubt he will in the future. 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE is E.U's most cohesive project yet, from the lyrics to the production everything works and just as the Hippo said himself "Dark skin is back motherfuckers".

Standout Tracks: Return Of the Buckfoy, 63 HUNNA, The 8th Of May, Frickassee & THE CLAW 

Overall: 9/10

Download and stream below.