Monday, August 20, 2012

[Review] Motorcity M.A.Z. - Cruise Control

Local Detroit artist Motorcity M.A.Z. recently sent me his solo debut LP Cruise Control, I was surprised because I don't normally get submissions from my hometown ironically, none the less I decided to give the project a listen. One thing I can say about M.A.Z is that he's definitely not what I expected. I thought I was going to listen to a long drawn out mixtape about being from Detroit, how it's hard to be from Detroit and other typical subjects like cars, money and women that seems to thrive in Detroit rap. 

M.A.Z. finds a good way to diverse his subject matter, yet still maintain that Detroit feel and even manage to speak on Detroit and street life but in a genuine manner. From a lyrical standpoint M.A.Z. does not disappoint, over the 14 track project M.A.Z. spits some of the best I've heard from a Detroit artist. His style and sound is similar to another local artist DeeDotMillz, who also happens to be one of the city's best up and coming artist.

There were only two things that "disappointed" me, one being M.A.Z.'s flow at times he can come off monotone and void of any emotion but it doesn't happen enough to bore down the project. The second thing is the singing featured on the project. Although the other features on the tape are dope. Specifically CrackKillz who spits a dope guest verse on "Deeper" and Stefon Lyon who absolutely spazzes.

All together Cruise Control is a good debut project from Motorcity M.A.Z., who with a little time and experience, could become one of Detroit's best on the indie scene. 

Overall: 7.5/10