Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Mixtape Review] A$AP Mob - Lord$ Never Worry

Last night something "crazy" happened. The long awaited, highly anticipated A$AP Mob tape Lord$ Never Worry was finally released. Servers crashed, and tons of fans went rabid because of that I decided to hold off on posting the mixtape until I actually listened to it, unlike most blogs. I wanted to give an honest opinion on the project and defuse some of the hype.

The project begins with a solo track called "Thuggin' Noise" from the de facto leader of the Mob, A$AP Rocky who finally gives me the track I've been wanting for since Bari previewed it months ago. The initial excitement of finally getting to hear the track, hyped me up for the rest of the tape. The first half of the tape is great, exactly what you'd expect from a A$AP tape. However, towards the middle is where things start to get weird. 

Starting with the A$AP Nast's track "Black Man" the previous song before that is A$AP Ferg's "Persian Wine" which features a slow melodic beat typical of the A$AP sound. "Black Man" however is an electro based beat which sounds like it samples Wayne's "Drop The World". I actually had to check to make sure my iPod wasn't on shuffle mode. The abrupt change puts you off to Nast's track and it doesn't help that Nast's rhymes don't particularly impress. From there things pick back up and the last half is generally enjoyable. 

There were two things that bothered me with this project. One being the fact that it seems more of a collection than collaboration. I would've liked to hear more tracks featuring the whole Mob or at least half of it. Instead you get two or three tracks with the whole crew and the rest is solo tracks and features. Secondly the features on the tape where either hit or miss, some of them weren't even needed. Another thing that didn't necessarily bother me but what I've been hearing is the abundance of A$AP Ferg tracks. Ferg is almost featured on every Mob track and has the most solo cuts. This can be a problem for those not aware of Ferg's "unique" flow to say the least but as I said it didn't bother me that much. 

All that aside Lord$ Never Worry was meant for A$AP fans and as a way to introduce the various sounds and styles of the A$AP Mob and it exactly accomplishes that. 

Standout Tracks: Thuggin' Noise, Jay Reed, C&WB: Pt.2, Freeze and every song with Ferg. Seriously. 

Overall: 8/10