Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Mixtape] Iceburg Jettson - The People's Champ

The People's Champ the first official project from Iceburg Jettson since adopting his new moniker is full of growth and change but if one thing remains since his Willie Jetts days, is that the dude can make some good music. TPC is one of those rare projects that has a track for everyone, whether you wanna chill, ride around, get hype, smoke or even something for your lady, you'll find it on here. The production is excellent from swanky-bounce to slow and screwed to soulful samples it all works. Credit to all the producers. Jettson not only uses the production but his rhymes to paint a lifestyle of a luxury and riches on most tracks. However, TPC is also very personal something his last tape Commercial Free did well. Touching on his home situation, mother and thoughts, it's easy to hear tracks like "92' Ric Flair" and "Million Dollar Championship" and write off TPC as another braggadocio rap project but it's not. 

Continuing his improvement from CF, lyrically this is Jettson's strongest outing not only having tight verses but flow and concept wise everything is done well. With TPC Iceburg has successfully reinvented himself as an artist, whether intentional or not. He has traded in his violent/weird flows found on "Freaky Friday" and "Facebook Kill" for "93' Lexus" and "All I Do" both which feature a more laid back approachable sound. Personally both work, although I find TPC has more replayability because of that and due in part to the catchy hooks/rhymes something that I've said Jettson is underrated in the past for. Few artists in the game, especially indie wise can match him in that category. All together The People's Champ marks a career best for an artist I feel has yet to even reach his peak, I'm definitely excited to see and hear how Iceburg improves in the future.

Standout Tracks: Intro, 92' Ric Flair. 93' Lexus, Million Dollar Championship, Elder Toguro & Spend Da Night

+ Great replayabilty
+ Cohesive sound
+ Great production
+ Improvement shown

- Two or three lacking tracks
- Mundane sound towards end of tape

8.5/10  [A Recommend Listen & Download]