Wednesday, January 8, 2014

[Beat Tape] Louseph Bruise Em' - STUCKinTheSeven

Louseph Bruise Em' aka Latin Lou aka Young Lou is back with a all new beat tape entitled STUCKinTheSeven around twenty minutes long and apparently made all while stuck in a basement. Lou proved he has the ability to create excellent production in no time back when he collaborated with SIR E.U on HÜLAGÜSH (which was made in less then 24 hours) and this project further cements that. Featuring only instrumentals, aside from a few drops from the immaculate Dookie Armstrong50 Cal. and a preview of a song from his upcoming project Give Me Happy. From random DJ Paul vocal samples (great song choice Lou) to what I believe has to be the song that plays in Heaven's elevator right around the twelve minute mark and those unorthodox sound patterns that we've come to expect from Lou it's all here stuck in the seven right along with Lou. To wrap this up, in what has since become a tradition, as I always say good shit Lou and I hope you make it out that basement my deserve it.

Stream & Download below: