Friday, June 8, 2012

Matt McGhee - GIRLS (Mixtape)

Download: GIRLS

I'll be honest. I'm late on this post, however in my defense I heard about the tape I just didn't have the free time to listen to it. With that being said as I found myself having nothing to do last night I decided to give it a listen. This was also my first time listening to Matt McGhee and I have to say I was impressed. Matt has a sharp flow to go along with witty punchlines and lyrics. It is a very cohesive project from start to finish. I might even say it got better towards the end, something a lot of projects don't do. To wrap this up, GIRLS is a very solid mixtape from Matt McGhee and just a taste of his overall skills, I look foward to hearing his album AWARD.

Standout Tracks: Egypte, Cambria, Ayanna, The Rest Of Yall

Download up top or stream below: