Friday, February 10, 2012

Digital Drop Presents: The Rap Up With Steezy Grizzlies

Digital Drop: First off, thanks for doing the interview.
Steezy Grizzlies: Thank you for having my coon ass, it kinda cool to be in a interview.

DD: Alright, who is Steezy Grizzlies for those who don't know?
SG: Steezy Grizzlies is a 18 year old, black kid from Washington D.C. Who loves to skate, make music and ball on these hoes *laughs*. He also, is a young coon who don't take no shit, who takes the roof off the whip know it don't make no sense. *laughs again* I don't know if I can curse so sorry.

DD: *laughs* It's cool. Explain your name and how you created it.

SG: Ummmmm well I like bears,  I never knew why. Every since I was like five and shit. I been called Steezy since I started skating, which means style with easy. I always wanted to have the best looking tricks. So when I started rapping I called myself, Steezy Snapback which was kinda lame. So later I  just called myself Steezy Grizzly, but I wanted to have muti styles of rapping so hints the grizzlies part.

DD: What is the SNB and who is in it?

SG: The SNB is a collective of rappers, producers and skaters I started. It is made up of me, Rashed Stark, Rapper Juduh, Ace Ventures, Kevo Bass, Day2Day, John Locus and Sketch. The homies I can't leave out is A.M and Leon Wolf. They do a lot of behind the scene stuff. We really are new, but you should be hearing about them soon enough. *laughs* Cuz we some icey ass nigga's.

DD: How do you feel Punchout represented you as an artist, and anything you wish you could have improved?

SG: I love punchout, it was my first project and it was good. It was just to show that I can put together a body of work for people to enjoy. I just wish it was more songs but whatever,  it was still good and people liked it.

DD: You have a "alter ego" named Ursaring who appears on some of your tracks, how did "he" come about?

SG: *laughs* Well Ursaring is the complete and other "coon" inside of me. The loud mouth, I don't give a fuck kid who loves grape juice *chuckles*. Although when you hear Ursaring,  I'm  trying to display my lyricism usually, just to balance in my music.  

DD: I see, that's pretty clever. I always like to ask artist this question. If you could be signed to any label right now, who and why, or would you rather remain indie if you had success?

SG: XL Records or Fools Gold, just because they really just give their artist control of their music. All they do is push it to the masses.   

DD: That's a unique answer, I didn't expect either one of those most artist tend to pick G.O.O.D. Anyway what is your overall goal for your music career?

SG: Mainly to make music for people all over the world to enjoy and to travel the world performing. 

DD: Explain the title of your next project G.U.N.D.A.M. stands for and what it means.

SG: G.U.N.D.A.M. stands for Grizzly Under New Dictatorship After Mosiyah. Mosiyah is my real name and I love the anime GUNDAM so it all fits *laughs*.  

DD: What can people expect from G.U.N.D.A.M.?

SG: Just better beats, better rapping, better features and to see who I'm as a artist. Hopefully after this I can ball on these niggas a little bit more. 

DD: As always any shout outs, or last words?

SG: Ummm, staying icey isn't a job it's a life style. Bling Blowa Burr Shorty I'm a Eskimo. Plus I want to give a shout to EU, Chick, Mell and The Klan. Chess Team, Osp, PlueStarFox, Lou and S.M for lacing me with that heem (beats). Aliyah for having my back. Rashad,  John, Day and the whole SNB. Lil Bre, Jai, Alexis, and Sarah for having my back too. Syce Game. I can't forget C.J., Matt Mcghee, and Maple Syrup hoe ass. You, and the other blogs for giving my ugly ass blog love.