Thursday, July 25, 2013


I was recently introduced to The SNB's own Day X, after hearing his production on various DMV artists projects I decided to see if the man himself had a project. That is when I discovered DON'T WORRY released back in June it is Day's most recent work to date. Initially I only knew of his production skills and that's what I mostly expected a instrumental tape, little did I know Day actually raps and does it quite well.

One of the things I noticed of the course of my listen was that his subject matter was rather mature compared to the other SNB members I know of. It was a nice change and helped to set him apart from his fellow group members. The production is the main highlight of the tape for sure as Day is already ahead of most in that category. Lyrically he does well as I stated earlier, a high point being "TheDayIShine" where I found him most impressive. Only thing I can knock is that the vocals could've been mixed better but I understand the quality issue that most indie artists have, it definitely doesn't take away from the project itself though. Other than that DON'T WORRY is another impressive project in the growing catalog of the SNB.

Check out the tape below.