Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Recently D.C. artist SOPHISTICATED sent me his VXXIXCII (5/21/93) project it was my first time hearing him and I have to say I'm impressed. One thing that I learned from my listen is that SOPHISTICATED can rap and damn well at that. I would describe VXXIXCII as an lyrical exhibition, the tape both benefits and hurts from that. While it is impressive to hear such lyrical skill in this day and age of commercial rap, an hour plus is extreme. The main issue I had with VXXIXCII was the length of it, one hour and four minutes is waaaay too long. At the half way mark I thought I was coming towards the end of the tape only to realize I had 35 more minutes of listening time. I would've came away with the same feelings I had about the tape if it ended right there, I heard nothing more in the latter half that swayed my already formed opinion. 

If you can get past the long duration there is definitely something special to be heard here, from the production featured on the tape to SOPHISTICATED's lyrical ability and fluid flow, VXXIXCII is honestly one of the best submissions I have ever received and a recommended listen.