Monday, December 3, 2012

[EP] Louseph Bruise Em' - Como Sea

Producer extraordinaire Louseph Bruise Em' is once again back with another EP, however he keeps it strictly instrumental this time around and that necessarily isn't a bad thing. Lou is easily one of the more talented indie producers out right now and one of my personal favorites, at least in my top 3. One thing about Como Sea that sets it apart from his past works is the fact that Lou made this in about an hours time and that's highly impressive for it to sound so great. I don't know if him being around SIR E.U has made him into the monster that he is, but he definitely is the E.U of the producing game.

To elaborate on that, he and E.U both are able to create such excellent tracks and do so in little to no time at all. However, unlike most artist their work doesn't suffer from the lack of time spent in the creating process. The only drawback is that those projects most often are short in duration, which is my only complaint about Como Sea. Aside from all of that, I highly recommend Como Sea even with it's short duration, it's still one of my favorite projects released in the later half of 2012. Good shit Lou.

Stream or download (this jawn) below.