Tuesday, March 4, 2014

[Mixtape] Al Hostile - The Finer Thangz

Al Hostile from Maryland based rap group 3rdiiiUth sent me his debut mixtape The Finer Thangz sometime last month and I finally got around to listening to it today. Just when I think I've found all of the talented artists from the DMV area I always end up hearing another. I'll admit I haven't heard too much of Al or 3rdiiiUth's material aside from a few tracks on SoundCloud but I'll definitely check them out in the future. 

I said I'd stop doing reviews a couple of months ago but I do want to go into detail a bit more on why I like this project. First off I enjoyed the laid back vibe of the tape it makes for an easy listen and in my opinion increases the replay value, I feel like I could throw this on in the crib, car or even at a kickback. Secondly, the production which plays into the whole vibe I was talking about is nice, Al sounds right at home on every track. Lastly, Al himself, as far as rhymes go his is one of the most polished I've heard from the area and I don't know exactly how long he has been rapping but this is a great start for establishing an identity out of his group. 

To wrap this up I highly recommend you check out The Finer Thangz, with the duration of the tape being right under 40 minutes it isn't too long or too short. It's a cool listen the whole way through, props to Al for being to create a cohesive project that doesn't drag on unnecessarily (unlike this write up) and standing out in an area so rich with talent. 

On a related note here is another track Al sent me yesterday entitled "(In)Sight" featuring Kasey Jones and some ill production from the homie Steezy Grizzlies.