Friday, October 4, 2013

[Mixtape] Plue Starfox - 3 HEARTS

After revealing his hidden rap skills with "Ada Wong" Plue Starfox has been putting in work on the mic, culminating that into his debut 3 HEARTS. Plue has always been one of the most creative artist I know, with him basically being a nomad of music moving from one sound to the next. Now with a full length mixtape under his belt as a rapper it's even more evidence. 

Beginning with "Welcome To The Velvet Room" which is awesome for its Persona references, the rest of the tape plays out like your going on a trip through the mind of Starfox. Plue's knowledge of anime, video game and Japanese culture is definitely on display for the duration of the project. It's both a plus and minus, if you're a fan of those you'll catch many of the references and lines Plue and guests spit along the way. However, if you just the average rap fan you might end up feeling lost as Plue flexs his mighty Otaku knowledge. 

3 HEARTS production wise is strong, Plue sounds right at home over the dark and gloomy, spacey beats provided mostly by himself aside from two tracks from Along the way Plue grabs some friends for guest appearances with credit to all featured. 

Lupe Fiasco once said "I am American mentally with Japanese tendencies" and I think that one line can sum up 3 HEARTS and Plue himself in essence. It is basically a Toonami block of programming in audio form with each track being a different show and Plue being your host. All together a very solid debut project.