Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SIR E.U - fxck4preview (Nike boy$$$ilovethisbitch)

Bored and awake around 4 AM, I decided to check Twitter to see if anything interesting was going on Internet wise and to my disappointment literally no one tweeted in a few hours. Then as I began to close the app on my phone I see a notice that I had new a tweet on my timeline. I refreshed my TL to see a link from the subject of this blog post, SIR E.U with the words "fxck4preview" naturally I clicked the link.

I've come to expect snippets when the word preview is attached to a song, I should've known that E.U would literally do the opposite and include a nine minute track. After my listen I retweeted E.U's tweet and added the word "godly". It was literally the only way I could describe the track at the time and still is. I won't bother going into further detail, I stand by that one word assessment. I'll just let you form your own opinion of the track. If you have read this up until this point I'd like to thank you but you should really press play (if you haven't already), because I'm done with the story and it is beginning to get awkward...