Saturday, October 20, 2012

[EP] SIR E.U THE GREAT x Louseph Bruise Em' - HÜLAGÜSH

DMV artists Louseph Bruise Em' and SIR E.U THE GREAT dropped a (extremely) short EP HÜLAGÜSH about a week ago but due to my loafing and other shxt I just got around to posting this. Although the EP is short, it is a rather enjoyable listen mainly due in part to Louseph's production which is just as electric and spazmatic (new word) as E.U. One of the more impressive things about the EP is that I'm sure most of it is freestyled and E.U still manages to do the damn thing.

It's good to hear E.U having fun again with his rhymes, HÜLAGÜSH is more reminiscent of E.U's past projects FXCK and H I P P O P O T A M U S, both of which where more upbeat than his recent works WOMBO and 3000% BLACK EXCELLENCE. SIR E.U claimed that he would be dropping a new EP every Tuesday for the next couple of weeks and if it was any other artist I wouldn't believed it but the Hippo God knows no limits. Until next week...

Sidenote: The homie Louesph informed me that this was actually made in less than 24 hours. Even more impressive. Props to the homies for that.

Stream below: