Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chick Gaynor - O R I G A M I (Mixtape+Review)

Download: O R I G A M I

Chick Gaynor a.k.a. Slug God definitely lives up to his nickname, seeing as his sophomore project Origami was originally due out March 20th. However, I do recall a conversation we had at the time, in which I told Chick that as long as Origami was ill nobody would remember how long it took to make. Well I'm here to say it was definitely worth the wait. Origami is a very cohesive project and I personally can't think of anything negative to say about the tape itself.

One of the most impressive things on Origami is Chick's delivery which has improved by leaps and bounds since I first heard him on Lord Slug. Chick no longer gets choked up on words, or seems short winded when rhyming. The whole tapes benefits from his improved delivery and no track is more evidence of this than ElongatedSlugCameThrough. Another strong point of the tape is the production. With help from "illustrators" as Chick would say, Louseph Bruise, Obii Say, MIKE OF DOOM, and even Chick himself plus more help to define Chick's genre Art. Every beat flows well from one to the next, definitely something that made Whatever a good debut project.

Lastly, Chick's lyricism is what most impressed me on Origami. While Chick has always been lyrically strong, he has come along way from getting outclassed by E.U on Fading Legend. He even holds his own against the Hippo God on Micky Belvadere. The best example of Chick's improved lyricism is found on Galic Gun, which I think is easily the best track Chick has ever done. The track features storytelling from Chick speaking on his frustration when it comes to writing verses to elite wordplay towards the end. I won't spoil it for those who haven't heard but the Lupe lines are some of my favorite lyrics on the whole mixtape. To wrap this up, Origami is an excellent tape and you can tell just how much work was put into the making of it. From Chick's improved lyrics, and delivery to the production featured, all of it comes together to make one of the best projects I've heard this year.

Standout Tracks: EnlongatedSlugCameThrough, Gravity, Galic Gun, Lucifer's Lugie, & Micky Belvadere