Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Digital Drop Presents: The Rap Up With Chick Gaynor


DD: Thanks for doing this interview, Slug.

CG: No doubt fam, thank you for interviewing a young goon.

DD: Why did you change your name, and how did you come up with Chick Gaynor?

CG: Chick is an old childhood nickname that's far to embarassing to discuss how I got it *slight chuckles* and Gaynor is my government last name heem. The name "Jay Swish" was too common, not captivating enough. I ain't want niggas to be like "Ahhh, another Jay? or not another Swish" all of which were ideas I got from Pops Mensah-Bonsu and Jarvis Hayes (EU & Obii Say).

DD: Why the nickname of Lord Slug?

CG: Cuz bitches love slugs.

DD: *laughs* Did you always want to be a rapper?

CG: I ALWAYS, always always loved Hip-Hop and loved writing raps, poems and shxt. Although I never really took being an artist serious until I was about 15, or 16. Before all that, I always wanted to do Norwegian Funk dubstep...but it didn't quite work out for me the way it worked out for Cudi.

DD: I feel you on that. Why did you name your project Whatever?

CG: I couldn't think of anything cool so one day I just looked at my man Hippo (SiR E.U) and was like "Fuck it yo whatever...yeah..YEAH!...Whatever" *laughs* thats how it really came about. At first it was "Social Reject" but that sounded like a pity party. Then it was "The Prerequisite" but that sounded like a J.Cole tape *laughs again* so I just said "fuck it...whatever".  

DD:What is the reason for re-releasing Whatever?

CG: I wasn't really completely ready to drop a tape, like don't get me wrong Whatever was cool, but at the same time, there's things I could have done better as far as delivery and flow and all that goes. And this re-release is way more than just a re-release. I can't share all the details right now but all I'm gonna say is "Real niggas on the mutha fugkin tv screen". 

DD: Bet. So how did you join up with the Kool Klux Klan?

CG: I believe it was a hot winter day back in 72..yeah..there was a young cat by the name of Petey. Yeah, Pablo was one bad dude man. He had this single out called "Gimme The Loot" off his album Stillmatic. Me, Avionadramida, and Cal at the time were busboys at this juke joint called "& Poets" *shrugs* go figure. Thats when we met EU, Mell, Crash, CJ and everybody else and its been KlanLife ever since.

DD: Word? *laughs* You make a lot of Anime refrences in your music, is that something you do intentionally to stand out or does it come natural with your writing process?

CG: I wouldn't say I do it purposely to stand out, Avion has been referencing anime since we first started and I always found it cool and unique so I found ways to incorporate it with my life and draw parallels and after a while it became natural in my writing process to draw parallels between life and cartoons in general. I just find it to be more creative self expression.

DD: What sets you apart as an artist?

CG: Variety, I think. *ponders and laughs* Creativity, originality and a whole lot of yeah. I see something that alot of artist don't I believe. I don't think many artist not even my own homies sees this art the way I do. Having a perfect balance of music yet not working towards it is always my goal when creating a project or even a jam. The blend of lyricism, flow, content, rhyme structure, etc. Like not getting caught up in doing one particular thing so much that I lose sight of the other. Rappers tend to do that alot. Be a great lyricist with no subject or have amazing content with no lyricism and especially being too realistic and not abstract enough to let the mind wonder (Common, Talib, Tupac, etc.) Just having the perfect blend of all intangible and tangible qualities and utilizing them to the best of ones ability. 

DD: Who influences you as an artist?

CG: Ahhh, I would have to say Kanye, Em, Blu, Jay, MF DOOM, Cudi, Charles Hamilton, Kendrick Lamar, every member of the Klan, Lupe, Lauryn Hill, Tyler, The Creator, 2007 Wale, Q-Tip, and Drake. I think you hear influences from every single artist I just named in every single song that I do. But the trick is to always flip your influence and make it your own.

DD: True, true. Who would you want to collab with most if you had the choice of any artist in time?

CG: I would have to say between Lauryn Hill or Kid Cudi...*laughs*, but all jokes aside. Petey Pablo. That nigga gotta sick reputation for handlin broads.  

DD: *laughs* If you could choose any record label who would it be, or would you remain indie if successful?

CG: I think I'd much rather stay indie if I was successful with it, yah know. Not worrying about record label politics and Suge Knight going to my mama house with the tech. But if God had the strap to my foot and said pick a label right now. I think I'd get rich or die trying with G.O.O.D. music before anybody. I definitely wouldn't expect them to put me on disrespect to Consequence. *laughs* 

DD: Favorite genres of music besides Rap/Hip-Hop?

CG: NeoSoul is definitely my LEAST favorite genre with Gospel Strip Club Gogo being at the top of my list *chuckles*. But nah g, NeoSoul is my favorite genre of all time but I love Hip-Hop more if that makes sense...recently I been falling in love with Metal. Black Sabbath is ill as fuck and Lynyrd Skynyrd is an ill ass rock band g.

DD: Name one song or album you wished you made.

CG: Jackpot. Chingy had the world eating out of the palm of his St.Louis hands b.

DD: Respect. Goal for your career now and in the future?

CG: I want to have cult following soooooo fucking bad. But, stay relevant and live off of music. Like, support my family and pay bills, travel, afford bitches, buy clothes, afford bitches, make love to rihanna, afford bitches. 

DD: In ten years....

CG:.....afford bitches. Fight drake. Afford bitches. Maintain bitches. Still be relevant in Hip-Hop and in Pop culture as well. Shmang all the bitches I bought at least 16 times a day, and own a juice company that sells biscuits.

DD:*laughs* Any shout outs or last words?

CG: YEAH! Shoutout to all my real niggas holdin it down up Halliburton. My nigga Jarvis (my bush). All the producers I worked with, Mikeyy, Louseph Bruise, Matt Mcghee, and Vaughn G. My sensais Stefisdope, 431 and Nate G. My main bitch Ashaquawanika from 34th n Minnesota. Teni's grandmother. Kool Klux Klan. My dick. KeeKee from Trinidad for holdin me down when I needed that zebra cake up at Suitland Station. The Carryout prod. Jamal safe ass Gray and Maryam short ass. Matt McGhee & Grande Marshall trill asses. My mother and pops for giving birth to a real nigga. That nigga Lord Slug. All the fly shortys that ever let me shmang...WADDUP! Barack Obama for believing in me back when we was in detention. Lil Wayne for setting the bar so low and the greatest up and coming photographers/cinematographers Penelope Airplane (@HannahBongtanna)  and Aliyah Sahar (@AliyahSahar) and most importantly any fan that I have out there, fuck you. I DONT FUCK WITH THESE NIGGAS....AND YOU SHOULDNT EITHER B. *looks around and hopes nobody notices this is my first interview*

DD: Thanks to Chick, and the whole Klan for it's support.